Whiskey Blind Fess Up: She Means The Most to Me

The British Columbia country-rockers get romantic on their latest single.

Whiskey Blind set their sights on love with their latest single She Means The Most To Me — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Their first foray into crafting a love song, She Means The Most To Me expresses that wandering feeling when you separate from your partner and can’t wait to be back in their arms. Langley, B.C. country-rockers aren’t afraid to traverse their vulnerable side on the track, and the single is a testament to the band’s musical and lyrical prowess.

Inspired by a true story, the song came together one seemingly insignificant autumn day while vocalist Ben Ferguson was waiting for his girlfriend. She Means The Most To Me was written in Ferguson’s basement workspace before the rest of the band rhythmically filled out the song.

Founded on the Canadian west coast by Ferguson and guitarist RJ Begg, Whiskey Blind started as a friendship between two musicians during the pandemic. With a fair amount of extra time, they began working together before finding their way into a recording studio within six months.

As Whiskey Blind’s tonal palette began to expand during that time, so too did its roster. The band solidifed its musical backbone with the percussive chops of drummer Matthew Stockwell, bassist Nick Davies and guitarist Brett Dick. This varied group of musicians craft a sound that is sophisticated enough for music lovers and approachable for casual listeners.

Check out She Means The Most To Me above, sample more sounds from Whiskey Blind below, and follow them on Instagram.