Mark Wihlidal Explains How Life Can Be A Mystery

The Oshawa singer-songwriter shares some tried-and-true advice in his latest single.

Mark Wihlidal ponders the riddles of existence in his new single and video Life Can Be A Mystery — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Oshawa singer-songwriter hits the ground running with the supercharged song Life Can Be A Mystery, an eclectic rock n’ roll number about never looking back and staying positive. “This song represents me giving myself some advice and perhaps offering advice to someone else.”

The song came about on a cold December night when the car radio just happened to go down. Cool silence filled the air as silky smooth harmonies brought life to the vehicle. Life Can Be A Mystery is as musically lush as it is relatable, with messages about tried-and-true lessons that guide the soul toward happiness and a more fulfilling future.

Wihlidal is an artist who decided to take a chance on his musical craft later in life with the first of many singles. His fluid nature is reflected in the recording process, relying mainly on trust between bandmates. “When I create a song, I always encourage my bandmates to create their own parts. Everyone is involved in the creative process. I believe it makes the songs sound better.”

Watch the video for Life Can Be A Mystery above, check out the track below, and follow Mark Wihlidal on Facebook and Twitter.