Lucy Morgan | Upper Hand: Exclusive Premiere

The Ontario singer-songwriter explores the evil in the shadows of a doomed romance.

Lucy Morgan exposes the dark power struggle at the heart of a toxic relationship with her tense and evocative single Upper Hand — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A harrowing take on surviving abuse that wouldn’t be out of place on a mixtape next to Lana Del Rey — or playing atop the end credits of a taut romantic thriller — the latest powerful release from the Port Stanley, Ont., singer-songwriter takes you inside a battle for control in a dark and doomed love. Fashioned from a downtempo groove and hazy sonics topped with Morgan’s sombre, haunting tones, Upper Hand is a track every bit as devastating as its subject matter.

“I wanted Upper Hand to feel moody and a bit sinister,” Morgan admits. “I wanted the sounds to reflect an exaggerated version of my experience. As if something evil is lurking in the shadows. Because being in an emotionally abusive relationship is like walking on eggshells everyday, constantly waiting to slip up somehow. And each time you inevitably do, you get a little bit smaller while the other person only seems to get bigger. Until it feels like you are no longer in control of your own mind.”

Morgan grew up with music in her life from the very beginning, and performing has always been in her blood. Writing songs is a form of therapy for her and letting the world hear it feels like closing the chapter that inspired it. She believes music is the universal language and feels so blessed to provide a space for others to connect emotionally through her songs and storytelling.

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