Chad Price Needs His Heart To Be Broken Open

The Ontario pop-R&B artist battles his inner demons with an uplifting anthem.

Chad Price can’t fix a heart that hasn’t been Broken Open in his emotionally cathartic new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

An uplifting anthem with gospel-tinged background vocals, brutally honest confessional lyrics and a message of self-healing, the Canadian R&B pop artist’s newest release turns one man’s battle with inner demons into a tale of resilience and rebirth.

Broken Open allows me to get pretty deep and dark in terms of the things I wanted to express”, Price shares. “I’m vulnerable about emotional trauma, deteriorating mental health, and some negative self-image/self-acceptance issues in the song … But being open about these things, and admitting that I’m just trying to stay above water like everyone else, hopefully makes people know they’re not alone in their suffering and constant efforts.

“Everyone is dealing with something and this song, to me, ultimately feels like a warm, tearful embrace and encouragement to keep going,” he continues. “Sometimes being Broken Open is necessary to open up and evolve into the best versions of ourselves.”

Fearlessly vibrant, Price’s impassioned song arrives ahead of his forthcoming album due this summer. With the complexities of self-actualization and overcoming internal struggles potently captured and conveyed, the Ontario artist’s soothing vocal harmonies are enhanced by the heartwarming message embedded within the lyrics.

Price has been steadily on the road less traveled from the beginning of his career. Representing himself in both the creative and business aspects of the music industry, Price has found much success as an independent artist charting his own path. He’s already been invited to share the stage or collaborate with notable acts like Ben Harper, The National, Loud Luxury, Walk Off The Earth, Lights, JP Saxe and Donovan Woods, to name a few.

Check out Broken Open above, sample more music from Chad Price below, and find him at his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.