Ileen Laura Voices Her Father’s Struggle With Fight Left In Me

The young artist raises awareness of a destructive disease with her latest single.

Ileen Laura chronicles a battle for survival with her latest single and video Fight Left In Me — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A heartfelt piano ballad with Laura’s signature crystal-clear, soaring, and inspirational voice Fight Left In Me is based on the real-life battle her father is currently fighting against the rare, lung-attacking disease systemic scleroderma.

“When my dad first discovered that something was wrong, he went for multiple tests to try to diagnose what he actually had,” she says. “After what seemed like forever, his rheumatologist finally discovered that he had scleroderma — an autoimmune disease that has left him breathless due to the hardening of his lungs.”

The song’s raw emotion captures what Laura — and, no doubt, her father — has felt since his diagnosis. “It’s a ballad that evokes raw emotion with descriptive lyrics to give the listener a window into the daily struggle of those living with this horrible disease,” she shares.

The release of Fight Left In Me comes at just the right time, with Scleroderma Canada calling on Canadians to do their part with their June awareness campaign.

The video for Fight Left In Me was filmed by Amir Soleimani — and choreographed by Tara Pilon and dancers Kelly Shaw and Tyler Gledhill — to beautifully convey the fight that anyone struggling with scleroderma can relate to. The music, artwork, contemporary dance, and video are all a tribute to all who suffer silently and will hopefully bring awareness to the disease.

Watch the video for Fight Left In Me above, sample more music from Ileen Laura below, and find her at her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.
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