The Grindhouse | Silent Angel, Hatred Reigns, Flat Black & More New Loudness

You want it loud? Join the club — my site ain’t called Tinnitist for shiggles, bucko. Here are the latest worthy metal and hard rockin’ offerings to menace my inbox. Raise your head, bang the dead (or something like that):


Silent Angel | Tears Of Celestine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Italian / Malaysian band Silent Angel unveil Tears of Celestine, the second single from their forthcoming debut album Unyielding, Unrelenting. “I wrote this song around 2014 / 2015 during the early days of the reforming of Silent Angel,” says guitarist Eric “StormBlade” Poon. “Believe it or not, I wrote the music, structure, flow, and lyrics all in under 10 minutes. Everything just came together as a whole package almost instantly. All I did was close my eyes, freed my mind and I just penned the words onto paper and everything just flowed out like honey. The intro section became the core of the whole song and as I was strumming along to the chords, the pre-chorus and chorus sections just fell into place like perfect fit puzzle pieces. The guitar solo just flowed into my being almost instantly as well right after the musical idea was nailed down. It was one of the rare moments where I could execute what I conceptualized in my mind on the spot.”

Hatred Reigns | Departing Acheron

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Hatred Reigns, an uncompromising force from the Ottawa area, introduced themselves with force back in 2018 with their concept debut Realm I: Affliction, which ushered listeners into the depths of Hell. This year, they continue their descent with Awaken The Ancients, preceded by the first single Departing Acheron. The lyrics on the album are inspired by the film What Dreams May Come, Dante’s Inferno, John Milton’s Paradise Lost and the mental anguish and exploits that many of us experience but choose life vs succumbing to the ever-looming darkness. “Approaching the shores of Necropia, the realm of judgment, the vessel sails closer to its destination,” the band explain. “The Ancients intensify their efforts to deceive and ensnare the voyagers. Their intention is to imprison these souls, subjecting them to a fate dictated by the Ancients themselves, just before they face their ultimate judgment.”

Flat Black | Justice Will Be Done

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Guitarist Jason Hook has stormed out of the gates with his new band Flat Black. The former Five Finger Death Punch guitarist has recruited a trio of young and talented turks, and they are working on their debut album, produced by Hook and recorded at his home studio and The Hideout. Justice Will Be Done boasts thunderous, almost militaristic percussion, thick grooves, and roaring guitar solos, while anthemic, pump-your-fist choruses abound from stem to stern.”

Narcotic Wasteland | Sex, Lies & DNA

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Exploring dark truth, along with spewing relentless death and thrash riffs, Narcotic Wasteland, led by Dallas Toler-Wade (ex-Nile), unleash the video for their chilling single Sex, Lies & DNA, featuring guest vocals from Andrea_N_Black. Showcasing the band’s signature intensity, the video delves into the intriguing world of true crime. Directed by bassist Kenji Tsunami, also of Tsunami Films, the video was shot at various locations during the band’s summer tour across the U.S. and Canada. “This video has some real grit to it,” Toler-Wade says. “One of the venues we played at on the tour had an electric chair and a really creepy green room area that looked like a place where someone could be murdered. At that point, the band was like, ‘This is perfect!’ It fits the concept of Sex, Lies and DNA.”

Deorbit | Terrakinetic

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Milwaukee’s Deorbit are an enigmatic musical journey set to captivate listeners with thought-provoking compositions and a unique blend of genres. Sonic boundaries will be pushed with the new album Retrogradient, a distinctive collection of tracks that invites audiences to delve into the cosmos, where the boundaries of stone replace the vastness of the sky. The second single off this whirlwind of a release is Terrakinetic. The band say: “The album ebbs and flows through a planetary adventure, from the origins of humanity during the time of the big bang, to the depths of the molten core, onwards to the atmosphere, and everything in between through a natural lens and one that is more surreal. The single Terrakinetic is lumbering and focused on a simple groove, mimicking the mechanics of moving the Earth.”

Diamond Weapon | Science Fiction At The Edge Of Existence

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Diamond Weapon have shared Science Fiction At The Edge Of Existence, the second single from their upcoming album All Heart, No Sleeve. It’s a grungy new track, packed to the brim with emotion and introspection. Vocalist Louis Tentsos shares: “The song is about the afterlife — about someone who has waited in the world beyond ours for a loved one to arrive, and are relieved that they are reunited after the fear that they may not be. It was written at the height of the pandemic, when many people were losing older relatives to COVID-19. I wrote this song about those who lost their partners a long time ago, imagining them waiting patiently in the afterlife and how that must feel.”

The Clamps | Freedom To Run (Down)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Bergamo speed-stoner rock ’n’ roll trio The Clamps will release their third album Megamouth on Jan. 12. Today they present their fury-driven single Freedom To Run (Down). They say: “Have you ever helped a friend who eventually proved to be a coward and a liar? After a betrayal, we must find the freedom to run and move on. That’s Freedom to Run (Down).” Megamouth reflects post-pandemic anger and features 10 hard-charging tracks dripping with fat fuzzy guitars, cheeky pumping basslines and furious drumming. It consolidates The Clamps’ trademark high-adrenaline energetic sound, squeezing rock ’n’ roll, stoner and speed rock into a solid slab of fuzz-drenched sonic fury that will make you jump on a car, turn the volume up and push the damn gas like a helluva drag racer from the seventies. A treat for fans of fire-driven rock from Fu Manchu to The Hellacopters!”