Sylvia Kay Celebrates Her Small-Town Legacy

The Ontario singer-songwriter pens a love letter to the past with her latest single.

Sylvia Kay takes a trip down memory lane on the road to adulthood with her nostalgic new single and video Legacy — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A coming-of-age tale told in ethereal crystalline tones and dressed in shimmery country-pop threads, the up-and-coming Ontario singer-songwriter’s second single captures and chronicles the heady mix of emotions and uncertainty felt by anyone “living at the edge of 17.” The lyrics paint a watercolour of her home town — the dusty tree-lined backroad where her dad used to speed, the bookstore where her mom used to read. She’s looking around, soaking it in, taking mental snapshots, and taking us along on this journey to adulthood. “That was the place we belonged,” he confides. “Didn’t see that there was a world beyond.”

In fact, it was while writing Legacy that the Caledon East, Ont., artist realized that she was on the precipice of a new life. “In August of 2021, the songwriting process really began and it hit me that this was my last year of high school, my last year in this home town, and the last time I’d see a lot of these people ever again,” Kay recalls. “The whole first half of the song is exactly that: Reminiscing and the nostalgia behind it all. The second half is all about the process to maturity — that there was something so much greater beyond, a whole world I hadn’t discovered yet.”

Fittingly, she started writing the song in her parents’ basement, on an old piano which she’s had since she was five years old. She complete the track with the help of VEC Entertainment Group’s Bruno Vecchio and Acrylic Recording’s Harley Tamblin, who helped her focus the lyrics while adding a guitar line and harmonies. Legacy is the followup to Kay’s 2021 debut Wild.

Watch the video for Legacy above, check out both of Sylvia Kay’s songs below, and join her at her website, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.