Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen Remind Us That Money Shouldn’t Talk That Strong

The cross-border folk duo deliver an uplifting call to action with their latest release.


Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen speak truth to power with their new single and video Money Shouldn’t Talk That Strong — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

An uplifting call to action set against a moody folk-pop backdrop, Money Shouldn’t Talk That Strong — the latest standout from the Canadian-American duo’s After The Fire Album — came to the duo in 2019, while they were traveling back to California from a tour of the Canadian Prairies.

“Crossing a particularly desolate area of Nevada, (we) couldn’t help but discuss current events, from politics, to the housing and homelessness crises, to climate and catastrophes, the common thread seemingly being that money often gets the last word,” they say in a press release. “But is money really more important than a human being? Or even the future of humanity, or planet Earth? Money Shouldn’t Talk That Strong — personifying money in such a way gave the song a starting point. Later , with the U.S. presidential election stoking new levels of division among the population, Laurel fleshed out the rest of the verses and chorus, tied together with hope for positive change and a nod to a few of the iconic protest songwriters of the past who have inspired the duo: Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and Joni Mitchell.

“While the inspiration for various lyrics were often specific, the song unfolds more generally, emphasizing universal sentiments, dreams, and goals, rather than putting weight into past grievances or the stance of any particular race, religion, or side of the political spectrum. In this way, (our) intention is to use the power of music to unite, inspire community, and to shed light on the fact that deep down, most everyone just wants to live a decent life, have a place and purpose, and to leave something good behind for future generations.”

Adds Thomsen: “Overall, the song is intended to leave people feeling uplifted and inspired and — with Dan’s rocking backing band and my violin, viola, and cello trio — reinvigorated to do what they can to help create a fairer world.”

The duo’s world began in 2012, thanks to a chance YouTube sighting and a once-in-a-lifetime connection the Manitoba singer-songwriter Frechette and California string player, composer and vocalist Thomsen. Their lush sound — which boasts soaring violin, diverse guitar styles, compelling storytelling, a dash of harmonica and humour and unique vocal rapport — has taken them throughout North America and over to Europe.

The potent title of their fifth studio album After The Fire comes from the blazes that continue to sweep the California region; the duo were directly impacted after a lightning storm near Frechette’s home studio sparked flames that consumed hundreds of houses. Thankfully, all the band equipment and music were rescued before the studio fell to ash. “After our evacuation to the safe haven of a friend’s home, After the Fire marks the end of an era, and a fresh start,” they share.

Watch Money Shouldn’t Talk That Strong above, check out After The Fire below, and talk to Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.