Truce Worship At The Metal Altar With Holyroller

The Moncton rockers deliver a blast from the past with a cut from their Unentitled LP.

Truce offer sonic testament to the metal gods with their rip-roaring single Holyroller — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The blazing new highlight from the Moncton band’s meticulously crafted album Unentitled, Holyroller is a labour of love accounting for various rock styles — including blues, punk, and doom. “We don’t discriminate when it comes to riffs,” the band explain. “If it rips, it rips.”

The blistering new track came together quickly and is inspired by those who talk the talk but don’t follow through on what they say. Truce‘s use of music as a means to connect with audiences based on critical issues is a deliberate choice. “Our songs usually stem from life, death, social injustice, sobriety, current events or whatever else strikes a passionate idea in our hands or mind,” they share.

Truce are the result of determination and a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to work ethic and artistic compromise. It all began when singer-guitarist Spencer Davis and lead guitarist Red Kang decided to stop covering other bands and perform original music. Bassist Alex Lemieux had already played with Davis and Kang in other bands, so it was a natural fit. Rounding out the band is longtime friend and drummer Daniel Mills, who was brought in to keep it all together.

A sense of trust and loyalty are key to their success not just as friends, but as experimental artists; Truce’s cohesion as a band stems from the strength of their relationship outside of music, and a general, philosophical acceptance of collaborating as bandmates. “We aren’t hobbyists or bandwagon players,” they say. “We’re lifetime, committed musicians. It’s extremely comforting to know we can turn any musical corner and be relevant.”

Hear Holyroller above, sample Unentitled below, and find Truce at their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.