Tim Withano Walks The High Wire

The Australian singer-songwriter takes stock in his well-grounded new single.

Tim Withano tries to maintain his balance on the High Wire in his latest single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Finnish-born, Australian-based singer-songwriter is back with a song that reaches into your soul and promises to understand everything you’ve got going on around you. “None of us are spared moments when the turmoil of life leaves us balancing on a precarious path where the destination is unclear or unknown,” Withano says. “High Wire emerged because I finally found time to catch my breath and take stock.

“Basically, in the song I tried to discern the difference between what is important in life and what isn’t. When things go against you, how do you respond? The high-wire metaphor is basically saying to the listener that I may seem to have everything under control, but there are times when I feel that one stumble could see my whole world come falling down.”

The song was recorded in a home studio with Geoff Zenner and Alan Bruce on drums and bass, respectively. All the vocals and guitar parts were performed by Withano, an award-winning artist who has seen Top 10 success on country charts in Australia with his former outfit Strum. Both an original artist and an experienced performer, Withano has also taken the stage in a theatre production dedicated to the music of James Taylor.

Check out High Wire above, sample more from Tim Withano below, and find him at his website, Facebook and Instagram.