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Late-Night TV Music (The Ballad of Tuesday Night Edition) | Jan. 8, 2019

H.E.R. takes up the slack on a slow, sappy night of boob-tube balladry.

Are you ready to rock? Well, too bad. Because there was absolutely zero rock to be found on Tuesday’s late-night talk shows. Just plenty of ballads, a little synth-pop and one impressive display of musicianship. The latter came from California R&B artist Gabriella Wilson — better known as H.E.R. — who switched from guitar to bass to keyboards during her funky performance of the fittingly titled Carried Away (above) on The Late Late Show With James Corden. A little showoffy, sure, but not bad. And certainly more interesting than the parade of slow, sappy slop that followed: You had Canadian popster Alessica Cara crooning Out of Love in her everpresent cheap suit on Late Night With Seth Meyers; country duo Dan + Shay belting out the incongruously titled Speechless for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon; and Morgxn (Side note to artists: Enough with the X’s already) presenting Me Without You on Jimmy Kimmel Live with the help of Walk the Moon. Thankfully, they also joined forces for the more upbeat synth-pop offering Home, so there was that — assuming you weren’t already snoring on the couch like, um, somebody I know. Sweet dreams.





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