Tinnitist TV | Episode 42: Stefan Babcock of Pup

The pop-punk frontman talks bad decisions, overthinking, and dealing with grandma.

As Norman Bates said: We all go a little mad sometimes. For Pup, that time is apparently now.

The Toronto pop-punk heroes’ fourth album is magnificently titled The Unraveling Of PUPTHEBAND. And according to singer-guitarist Stefan Babcock, that’s pretty much what happened when the quartet holed up for several weeks in an isolated, bat-infested mansion to record the disc. Whatever the circumstances, it’s clear Pup were thinking outside the box on this one — Unraveling augments their signature blend of punk chaos, pop melody and arch lyrics with keyboards, saxophone, a slew of guest stars and what Babcock considers “the world’s stupidest piano ballad.” If that doesn’t want to make you listen to an album, nothing will. A few weeks before the release, Babcock Zoomed in from his Toronto home to talk about making bad decisions, overthinking everything and keeping his grandmother’s name out of his mouth. Check it out.