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Ray LaMontagne | Monovision

The sharp-eyed singer-songwriter goes it alone for his eighth studio release.

Ray LaMontagne has always been his own man. But on his eighth album Monovision, the singer-songwriter takes the concept to the max — he penned, played and produced every single note on the disc by himself. As you might figure, it’s a slightly more intimate and organic affair than his recent collaborations with Jim James and Dan Auerbach, eschewing the trippy psychedelic Americana for earthier and more soulful fare. But don’t think for a second he’s lost his groove — some of the scrappier numbers kick up their heels like vintage Van Morrison and Nashville-era Bob Dylan (or at least contemporary incarnations like Nathaniel Rateliff). On the flip side of the coin, some of the quieter numbers echo and evoke everyone from The Everly Brothers to Nick Drake and even John Denver. But even at his mellowest and moodiest, LaMontagne’s tenderly sincere nostalgia and openhearted folk-poet mysticism are nothing short of transcendent and transfixing. Even without a band or a producer, it’s crystal clear that his artistic vision is sharp as ever.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Monovision is the new album from Grammy Award-winning artist Ray LaMontagne. This 10-track collection is Ray’s eighth studio album, and finds the artist in the multiple roles of songwriter, singer, producer, engineer, as well as performing all the instruments on every track. All of LaMontagne’s albums, including Monovision, show a vast catalog of music where the artist continues to push himself in different directions, yet with a uniquely signature sound that could only be his.”