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Albums Of The Week: Killing Joke | Lord Of Chaos EP

The almighty Jaz Coleman and his U.K. doom-punk legends unleash some fresh hell — but not nearly enough of it — on their first new studio release in seven long years.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Killing Joke confirm that all hope is probably lost (or at least missing) with their first new studio material in over seven years… Enter the Lord Of Chaos EP — two brand-new recordings, plus two re-workings of songs from the confrontational U.K. band’s last studio album Pylon (2015).

“I’ve never known anything like the time we are living in now; not since the Cuban Missile Crisis, but now in comparison we have multiple flashpoints,” says frontman Jaz Coleman. “Lord Of Chaos is about complex systems failure, when technology overloads and AI misreads the enemies’ intentions.”

Killing Joke are very much music as ritual — raw, uncompromising and precisely targeted lyrically. And Coleman, Geordie, Youth and Big Paul, founding fathers of the group, and an ongoing influence on both alternative music and (counter) culture in general, show absolutely no signs of mellowing. With collective nostrils flared and righteous anger carried torch-high, the four continue to take their music of resistance to fresh levels. Consider yourself warned.”