Of Nature Take A Midnight Drive To The Centre Of Your Mind

The Tronto trio take you through a desert landscape of psychedelia rock, prog & more.

Of Nature take a psychedelic trip on the open road with their moody, mystical single Midnight Drive — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Midnight Drive is a highway song — a journey that meanders the mind,” the Toronto trio say. “It will keep you company on any road trip, day or night.”

But mostly night. With flute-like tones that evoke images of howling coyotes and shimmering stars, the six minute-plus track gradually unfolds, slowly settling into a low, loping groove built from silky-smooth bass tones, a metronomic side-stick snare and snakefinger guitars. Once some darkly smoky Morrisonian vocals set the scene — “I sit alone by the side of a highway road / It’s been too long since I’ve been home and I’m tired … The road’s been hard, but the thought is deep” — the song kicks into a higher gear, taking you on an epic journey through a desert landscape of vintage psychedelic rock, prog and even a dash of reggae.

Of Nature began with the collective artistic vision of Aiman Jadue and Devin Legge. Fate intervened when they had a random encounter on the streets of Toronto with bassist Greg Prymicz. Their musical and personal chemistry was instantly apparent, and after just one rehearsal, the trio were truly born. With Toronto music veteran Pat Greisberg engineering and producing, they have crafted a polished, mature sound that draws upon the past to create something fresh yet familiar.

Check out Midnight Drive above, sample more from Of Nature below, and find them at their website, Facebook and Instagram.