Sonic Reducers | Swift Justice

Damon & TayTay exchanged words this week — and we have plenty to say about that.

Well, Damon Albarn really stepped in it this week.

For those who have better things to do than keep up with celebrity feuds, allow me to recap: During an interview, the Blur / Gorillaz / The Good, The Bad & The Queen frontman dissed Taylor Swift and claimed she didn’t write her songs. Naturally, she quickly and quite rightly defended herself, backed by a host of fellow artists and collaborators — along with a bloodthirsty horde of fans on social media, one presumes. Not surprisingly, Albarn soon apologized and took it all back — but not before sparking some debate about sexism, songwriting and fandom in the modern music world. And, undoubtedly, ruining the lives of whoever handles his social media. This is what Eric Alper and I are chatting about in today’s early episode of Sonic Reducers. Push play to watch us break down the Damon / TayTay dustup, explain where he went horribly wrong, and discuss how much fan outrage is too much. Sonic Reducers. One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you need to know. PS: If Damon asks, I wrote this all by myself.