Tinnitist Groover Playlist 4 | Get Down On All Of Them

Enjoy the latest online offerings from King Dow, Donier, C-Chill, dRy A and more.

I recently joined Groover, a platform that connects artists with critics like me for a small fee. Every day or two, I post a Spotify playlist of the latest submissions. You can find it at the lower right of every page on this site. Since some artists also submit Soundcloud and YouTube links, I’m posting those here. If you want to send me a track, you can click on the widget at right (just below the playlist) or just click HERE. Meanwhile, check out the latest submissions:

King Dow | Bond

THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Artist from the PNW Seattle area. I make what I call genre transcending music. In other words alternative that blends styles together. My focus is to build my awareness and inspire others to be themselves with no apology. This song is about the power of connection with people on a deeper level. The bond of love is the most powerful in the universe. When people hear thus track I hope it helps them to understand the love they have with themselves and with others.”

Donier | 80 Mille

THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Since he was right years old, he had a passion for the literary art of writing. Influenced by French hip-hop culture, and those who paved the way (Lunatic, Sniper, Sinik, Rohff), he took his first musical steps, without knowing where the endeavor could take him. In 2015 having more ease with the feather, he realeases his first mixtape, My First. While mixing and rearranging the names of his entourage and childhood friends, “Donier” is chosen for the young talent. Prior to his mixtape he takes social media by storm with his freestyles. all the while he doesn’t lose sight on certain obligations and takes time to focus on his studies. Which lead him a stray from music for about a year or two. Back in the game and armed with an acuity to produce exceptional lyricism in a short amount of time. He externalized by making a series of freestyles delivered to the public every Sunday. DNR, Donier comes back in January 2019, to thrill us with the sharp end of his feather. Since July he’s been locked in the studio working with his beatmaker/DJ DeeJawz. His First LP in March 2020 will be filled with a diverse palette of colors and influences, such as Trap music, French variety, and even a smidge of Rock. From 8mile to 80mille, not the same place but the same fight. At Amiens in 2020, Donier is a young talent unknown to the public. The romantic setbacks and determination will allow him to start living his dream.”

Hélios Meditative House | Return of Chamans

THE PRESS RELEASE: “I am a Parisian musician and music producer. My influences and life experiences have led me to powerful music frequencies where each song has its own story, philosophy and potential to personal reflect and source of inspiration. This piece for me is a fusion of genre, emotions, intensity and an intuitive invitation to listen to yourself and reconnect with the essentials.”

Easy Deviance | The Nest

THE PRESS RELEASE:Easy Deviance is a french Hip-Hop, Abstract Jazz, Trip-Hop, Bass Music producer and music score composer. He started producing music in 2012 with the EP Onirism on electronic Parisian label Brainwasher Records. In 2013, he launched his own label, Ok Corral Records and released his first album: Déviance Facile. In 2014, he released his second album Waste in Space on French label Marée Bass Productions, with many featurings including: Shane Menace (USA), Roma Kamal (Sweden), Zippo (France), and French producers Full Dub, Woody Vibes and Lil’Fish. Following a four-year break from music, he came back with a third album, Ashes of Time, in 2018. 17 Trip-Hop tracks produced in two years, including featuring with rappers Daichi Yamamoto (Japan) and Mc JaZzZz (France). He then joined the Bass Music collective from Bordeaux: Multiverse. In 2020, during the lockdown, he decides to collaborate with blues singer guitarist Georges Folkwald, comic book artist and producer Hop:1, alongside famous producer Gerwin in order to create the Bird Nest project in two months. This Nu-Jazz Hip-Hop EP is out on all digital platforms worldwide. The Nest is inspired by smooth jazz, instrumental hip-hop and 70’s jazz fusion. It is the main track from my new EP Bird Nest. I edited the video-clip myself with 40’s jazz films from Prelinger archives in San Francisco. Bird Nest tells a sixtrack story in music of my feelings during this lockdown time.”

C-chill | Lakay

THE PRESS RELEASE: “For some rap is a fad, for others a passion. C-chill prefers innovation to the trend. Churchill Dufresne, his real name, is a Quebec rapper, of Haitian origin born in 1989 in Gonaïves, Haiti. He arrives from his host country at six, walking the frozen ground during a Canadian winter. He grew up in different parts of the city; Saint-Michel, Montreal-North and Rivière-des-Prairies. He writes these first ryhme at 15 years old. Two years later, at the Le Bunker youth center, he produced these first titles. Inspired by artists and bands, such as Sniper, Sinik and Ninho. These texts evoke experiences of youth, stories and facts. C-chill’s message is that of an artist who wants to stand out and define himself beyond the stigmas of society. Through his skillful word games and sometimes shocking remarks. He tries to make react. Confident in his words and proud of what they express. Making a raw and candid portrait of his reality. He is pursuing a solo career and preparing for the release of his first album. C-chill is an independent artist. He supports his art and his passion by himself. Lakay is a track for containment which gives the taste to fight against COVID-19.”


Native Sunz | Love

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland this multi-talented indie hip hop group/music production team consists of four core members. These guys have a distinct sound that defines Hip Hop. With talent, drive and dedication that second to none, Native Sunz is easily considered the next big thing out of Baltimore and are more than motivated to show you why! Not only are they artists/songwriters but a team of music producers as well. Love is the single off of the Twin Terrors 2 LP. Producer Stixx Jones gives you a vibe of cruising down the highway, windows down, sun setting, without a care in the world with this track.”

Winters Island | Machu Picchu

THE PRESS RELEASE:Andy Trimmer, Sam Thomas & Will Kay have spent the past decade fine-tuning their craft, blending emotive vocals with gorgeous soundscapes to forge an album packed full of symphonic synth-pop ballads. From the punchy dance beats of Sing the Track Back to the soul-inspiring Machu Picchu, they have created 10 melodic adventures, beguiling the listener for 35m47s. The album closes with an inspirational take of You Gotta Be by Des’ree which has received over 100k SoundCloud plays and is now ready for the bright lights of Spotify and beyond.”

dRy A | From Road B8007

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Here is my new single hoping that it will seduce something in you …”