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Next Week in Music | Jan 24-30 • The Long List: 300+ Releases On The Way

All the new music headed for your playlist in the coming days. And then some.

On Jan. 23 1986, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted its first members: Little Richard, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley. Will some of the artists below join them one day? Maybe. But right now, they’d probably be happy if you picked up their new new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes. Take your pick:



Aborym | Kali Yuga Bizarre
Ado | Kyogen
Aegrus | The Carnal Temples
Belén Aguilera | Superpop
Agvirre | _ _ _ _ _ _
Aimer | Hoshino Kieta Yoruni
Aircode | Grounded
Alvabot | Harmonic Dystopia
Roman Angelos | Swimming Through The Aisles
Anitta | Boys Don’t Cry
Anteloper | Kudu Vinyl Reissue
Jann Arden | Descendant
Kush Arora x Orogen x Titus 12 | Magma Pulse
Asbjørn | Boyology
Rodney Atkins & Rose Falcon | Rod + Rose
Atrox Trauma | On The Line Of Nothing And Something
Away | Self:antiself EP
AZ | Do or Die II Deluxe
Babau | Stock Fantasy Zone
Babyface Ray | Face
Bad Suns | Apocalypse Whenever
Bakar | Nobody’s Home
Beirut | Artifacts
Big Big Train | Welcome To The Planet
Bipolar Club | Issue EP
Black Flower | Magma
Blass 89 & Døøf | Like Walking On Water
BlocBoy JB & Tay Keith | Bacc 2 Da Bloc
Blutch | Terre Promise
Ben Böhmer and Rob Moose | The Apparitions EP
Bondax | I Only Have You (ft. Eno Williams)
Joshua Bonnetta & Judith Hamann | Re-Recorder
Börn | Drottningar Dauðans
Bruise Brothers | 21 Offers You Can’t Refuse
Burial | Antidawn EP Vinyl
Marissa Burwell | Bittersweet
Bernard Butler | People Move On
Buzzard Canyon | Drunken Tales Of An Underachiever…The Saga Continues
Bye Bye Tsunami | Bye Bye Tsunami
Canibus | One Step Closer to Infinity
Lou Canon | Reimagine The Body
Chino Cappin | Permanently Scarred
Catch92 | Wake EP
Celeste | Assassine(s)
C​.​I​.​A. (Criminals In The Army) | 7th Infantry Regiment (1st Report)
C​.​I​.​A. (Criminals In The Army​)​ | 7th Infantry Regiment (2nd Report)
Clare & Noti | Chalky Road
Cloakroom | Dissolution Wave
Cloud9 | Ishmalah
Brent Cobb | And Now, Let’s Turn To Page…
J. Cole | It’s A Boy
Carson Coma | Osztálytalálkozó
Combo Chimbita | Iré
Claude Cooper | Myriad Sounds
Coral Club | Turn To
Cosmic Order | Inner Temple
Ryan Culwell | Run Like A Bull
Datura | Arcano Chemical
Dark Meditation | Polluted Temples
Dawn Of Solace | Flames of Perdition
Deathcrash | Return
Death Shroud | Death, Slavery And The Pursuit Ov Sadness
Deeper Graves | The Colossal Sleep
Etran de L’Aïr | Agadez
Robert Denir0 | Magnum Opus
Raphaël Dénommé | Hard Times and Broken Mind (Vol. 1)
Depleted Uranium | Origins
Detset | Vermeil
Katie Dey | Forever Music
J Hacha De Zola | Not Acoustic EP
Diasonics | Origin of Forms
Digiscopes | Painkillers & Wine
Dirty Laces | L’Esprit Du Temps EP
Doe Boy | Oh Really
Tara Nome Doyle | Værmin
Paul Draper | Cult Leader Tactics
Drug Couple | Stoned Weekend
Sam Drysdale | Testarossa EP
Eagles | Desperado (Hybrid SACD)
Earthgang | Ghetto Godz
Earthless | Night Parade of One Hundred Demons
Eels | Extreme Witchcraft
800 Throats | Day Of The Woman EP
Emerald Sun | Kingdom Of Gods
Lawrence English | ‘Oseni
Benjamin Epps | Vous Êtes Pas Contents? Triplé!
Equipto & Brycon | Can’t Stay Perched All The Time
Faster Pussycat | Babylon: The Elektra Years 1987-1992
Simone Felice | All The Bright Coins
Jonathan Fitoussi / Clemens Hourrière | Möbius
Alexander Flood | The Space Between
Flying Moon In Space | Remixes
Josephine Foster | Godmother
Carlos Franzetti | In The Wee Small Hours
Fruit Bats | Sometimes a Cloud Is Just a Cloud: Slow Growers, Sleeper Hits and Lost Songs (2001–2021)
The Furniture | The Furniture
Eric Gales | Crown
Gentlemen’s Crow | Apparitions
Ghostly Kisses | Heaven, Wait
Christina Giannone | Zone 7
Mark Guiliana | Music For Doing
Alice Glass | Prey//IV
Gloves Off | Life​.​.​.​And Everything After
Simon Grab + Francesco Giudici | [No] Surrender
Grave Next Door | Sanctified Heathen
Carsen Gray | Each Moment EP
Jacques Greene | Fantasy
Grimes | Shinigami Eyes
Abe Grossman | Night Window
Group Listening | Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 2
H | Dominus Draconis
PJ Harvey | Let England Shake
PJ Harvey | Let England Shake Demos
Styles Haury | One Life Ain’t Enough
Hazemaze | Blinded By The Wicked
Hegeroth | Sacra Doctrina
Brian Michael Henry | The Horror! The Horror! EP
Samm Henshaw | Untidy Soul
Highasakite | Mother
Holm | Why Don’t You Dance
Emmanuel Holterbach | Le Rêve, L’Ombre Et La Vision
Wylie Hopkins | On the Way Out EP
Hrvy | Views From The 23rd Floor
Joan Hutton & Sue Orfield | Take That Back
Iceboy Violet | The Vanity Project
Dieter Ilg | Dedication
ILL Conscious × Mute Won | Acres of Diamonds
Imarhan | Aboogi
Incrypt | Thrashing Extinction
Jackie | Hey Angel EP
Cole Jaeger | Shining Star Come So True
Bas Jan | Baby U Know
Amy Jay | Awake Sleeper
Justin Jay | Hypnotized EP
Jethro Tull | The Zealot Gene
Jimpster | Rain (ft. Cairo)
Johnnie Carwash | Teenage Ends
Kaaris & Kalash Criminel | SVR
Adria Kain | When Flowers Bloom
Dro Kenji With Or Without You
Kid Loco | Born in the ’60s
Killer Kane | Drifting Upstream 2
Kings and Liars | Transition Animals
Kreidler | Spells And Daubs
Katia Krow | The Observer Of The Idle Spectacle
Kyle | It’s Not So Bad
Uèle Lamore | Loom
Larsen & The Coloured Dreams | Bucket List
The Last Ten Seconds Of Life | The Last Ten Seconds Of Life
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental | The Bridge
Aaron Lewis | Frayed at Both Ends
Nathan Leigh & The Crisis Actors | All Myths Are Remixes
Lilo | Sleep Country
Little Prince Sigrid | My Ghost’s Boundaries Are My Horizon
Mark Lockheart | Dreamers
Lolas | All Rise
The Longest Johns | Smoke & Oakum
Low End Activist | Low End Activism 004
Peach Luffe | Beyond EP
Maddie & Tae | Through The Madness Vol. 1
Regno Maggiore | Esasummà
The Magnetic Fields | The House of Tomorrow Remastered
Mantic Ritual | Crusader EP
Man With A Mission | Break and Cross the Walls I
Amber Mark | Three Dimensions Deep
Marlon | Nova Luz
Marsden & Richardson | Marsden & Richardson
Maverick Sabre | Don’t Forget To Look Up
John Mayall | The Sun is Shining Down
Ben McElroy | How I Learnt To Disengage From The Pack
Joe McLeod | Cloud Berries In Alaska
M-Dot | Dining In Dystopia
Metalklapa | The Choir Of Beasts
Michelle | After Dinner We Talk Dreams
The Micronaut | Olympia (Winter Games)
La Milagrosa | Pánico
Ministry | Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984 (With Bonus Tracks)
Minute Taker | Wolf Hours
Anaïs Mitchell | Anaïs Mitchell
Tyler Mitchell ft. Marshall Allen | Dancing Shadows
Mix & Fairbanks | Messenger (feat. Hugo Rovolon)
Mø | Motordrome
Modern Nature | Island Of Noise
Monoscopes | Painkillers And Wine
Moonbyul | 6equence
Sam Moss | Blues Approved
Mothermary | I Am Your God
Mother Mother | Inside Deluxe Edition
Movietone | Peel Sessions 1994-1997
Youn Sun Nah | Waking World
Narkosis | K-Holes
NightNight | Love Decayed
Nija | Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You
NLE Choppa | Me Vs. Me
North Mississippi Allstars | Set Sail
Sinéad O’Connor | No Veteran Dies Alone
Onewe | TBA
Opening Performance Orchestra / Reinhold Friedl / Miroslav Beinhauer | Chess Show (Other Memories of John Cage)
Rex Orange County | Keep It Up
Lee Oskar | Never Forget
Oui Plastique | Fraternity Of Strangers
Our Lady Peace | Spiritual Machines II
Jessica Pavone | When No One Around You is There but Nowhere to be Found
Pengshui | Destroy Yourself
Andrea Penso | Oh! Uomo
Bloodmoney Perez & Messiah Musik | Second Hand Accounts
Anthony Phillips | Archive Collection Volumes I & Volume II
Mathis Picard | Live At The Museum
Pinegrove | 11:11
Pixies | Live In Brixton Box Set
Pom Poko | This Is Our House
Potemkine | Triton
Prentiss | Hey Prentiss EP
Primal Code | AI Calculator
The Quill | Live, New, Borrowed, Blue
QuinzeQuinze | Vārua EP
Russ Rankin | Come Together Fall Apart
Raveena | Secret (ft. Vince Staples)
Re-Armed | XX EP
The Reds, Pinks & Purples | Summer At Land’s End
Roedelius & Story | 4 Hands
Rick Ross | Richer Than I Ever Been Deluxe
Rough Grind | Hardened
Rumtum | Isles In Indigo
Sad Daddy | Way Up In The Hills
St. Paul and the Broken Bones | The Alien Coast
Suso Sáiz | Resonant Bodies
Samana | All One Breath
Sarcasm | Stellar Stream Obscured
Leo Sayer | Northern Songs: Leo Sayer Sings the Beatles
Scandal | Mirror
Scarlet Rebels | See Through Blue
Schedule 1 | Schedule 1
Jeremy Scott | Bear Grease
Scruffpuppie | Letters To Nobody
Sebastián Yatra | Dharma
Secondhand Depression | Secondhand Depression EP Vinyl Reissue
Sensoren | Tethered
Elena Setién | Unfamiliar Minds
Shadow Academy | White Whale
Shanda & The Howlers | It Ain’t Easy
Maya Shenfeld | In Free Fall
Adam Shoenfeld | All the Birds Sing
Siamese | Home Instrumental
Silverlane | Inside Internal Infinity
Since99 | 99 Overall 2
SLF | We The Squad Mixtape Vol.1
Slumberjack | Dichotomy
Sammi Smith | Looks Like Stormy Weather 1969-1975
Sowell | Radio Environment 2000-22
Spaceface | Aenmoia
Sparks | The Sparks Brothers DVD
Alexandra Spence | Submerged Tape Loops
Grady Spencer & The Work | Wait
Sperm | Choking At Length
Greg Spero | The Chicago Experiment
Parker Sprout | Milk in the Sun
Squirrel Flower | Planet EP
Starsailor | Love Is Here 20th Anniversary Edition
Stone House On Fire | Time Is A Razor
Sweet Alibi | Make A Scene
System 01 | 1990​-​1994
Jone Takamäki, Umut Çağlar & Fahrettin Aykut | Myth of the Drum
Tambino | Sin Miedo EP
Tangent | Tangent
The Temptations | Temptations 60
Tension | Decay
Roza Terenzi & Jd | Third Nature
Terror Reid | Ain’t Nothin
Reece Thomas | Dysphoria
Thyla | Thyla
Thyme | Pawwork
Toxpack | Zwanzig.Tausend Volt
Traps PS | Prim Dicer
U.K. Subs | A Punk Rock Anthology 1978-2017
Steve Vai | Inviolate
Various Artists | D4DJ Groovy Mix Cover Tracks vol.3
Various Artists | Duploc: Blxck Txpes 1.0
Various Artists | Heavenly Remixes 3: Andrew Weatherall Vol. 1
Various Artists | Heavenly Remixes 3: Andrew Weatherall Vol. 2
Various Artists | Jon Savage’s 1977-1979: Symbols Clashing Everywhere
Various Artists | Lèspri Ka: New Directions in Gwoka Music from Guadeloupe 1981​-​2010
Various Artists | Mainstream Funk: Funk, Soul, Spiritual Jazz 1971-1975
Various Artists | Someone/Anyone? A 50th Anniversary TRibute to Todd Rundgren’s Classic Album Something/Anything?
Various Artists | Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised Soundtrack
Vicious Knights | Alteration Through Possession
Villager | Frontier
The VillainZ | Sexy & Arrogant
Vorga | Striving Toward Oblivion
Kyle Walker | Them Drums
Diane Ward & The Kevin Fingier Collective | Why Don’t You Go Home / Cocktail De Medianoche
Wasuremono | Let’s Talk Part 2
Waveform* | Last Room
Dan Weber | The Way The River Goes
Jamie Webster | Moments
The Weeknd | Out Of Time
Wessanders | Talking Points EP
Sarah Williams White | Unfathomable
Immanuel Wilkins | The 7th Hand
Willie & The Bandits | When The World Stood Still
Lady Wray | Piece Of Me
Iannis Xenakis | Diamorphoses; Concret PH; Orient Occident; Bohor
Iannis Xenakis | Taurhiphanie; Voyage absolu des Unari vers Andromède; Gendy 3; S.709
Sebastián Yatra | Dharma
Yeat | 2 Alivë
Yrre | Luhlae x The Witch
Frank Peter Zimmermann | Sonatas & Partitas Vol. 1