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Albums Of The Week: FKA Twigs | Caprisongs

The eningmatic artist has plenty of substance to go with the style of her mixtape.

For the most part, I don’t know what Tahliah Debrett Barnett (aka FKA Twigs) is talking about in the liner notes / press statement / mini-manifesto below.

But I know this: The 48 minutes of music on her mixtape Caprisongs is intriguing. Different. Unique. Something you haven’t heard before. Something that doesn’t sound like every other cookie-cutter pop album. The beats are noisy and screwy. The arrangements and production loose and freewheeling. The melodies and vocals sweet and compelling. Like the title suggests, the mixtape feels warm and relaxed and flowing and summery. Something to soak in and soak up. But unlike a summer breeze, it doesn’t just vanish. There’s substance here too. As it washes over you, some of it gets under your skin. Grabs your attention. Pricks your ears. Makes you come back for more. So even if I don’t know what she’s up to, she clearly does. And that’s really all that counts, isn’t it?


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “hey i made you a mixtape, because when i feel you, i feel me and when i feel me, it feels good…

CAPRISONGS is my journey back to myself through my amazing collaborators and friends

CAPRISONGS… it’s bronzer in the sink, alco pop on the side, a cherry lolly, apple juice when ur thirsty, friends in the park, your favourite person, that one sentence somebody said to you that changed everything, a club pre-game, your bestie who is always late but brings the most to the party, meeting a friend at the airport, just togetherness
my world
new york

it’s my stubborn caprisun ass telling me to work thru my pain by delivering at work, don’t think just go studio and create
my saggi moon being the enigmatic temptress craving the club, to dance and to be social
and my pisce venus hot mess disastrous heart falling in love all over again
but this time with music and with myself.”