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Jeffrey Dahmer and the Dalai Lama | Shorter! Shitter! (New Songs; Same Shit)

The Australian punks unleash short, sharp, speedy shots of piss, vinegar and snot.


A month or so ago, I added the debut album from these fantastically named Australian punks to the upcoming listings. Within a day or two, one of them emailed: “I had a good chuckle when I saw we had made the Upcoming Releases section of your website, with our name right beside David Bowie. I think it’s safe to say that’s closest we’ll ever find ourselves to the great man.” And they very graciously sent me a download of their first album — which I promptly forgot about until today, when they suddenly released their second disc in less than a month. So now I’m playing catchup by putting them both in here. On the plus side, it shouldn’t take you nearly as long to get up to speed, since nearly all their songs are short, sharp shots of old-school speed-demon punk, complete with all the piss, vinegar, snot and grit required by unwritten law. But don’t let their provocatively sophomoric handle and self-deprecating shtik fool you — these guys know exactly what they’re doing. And they do it damn well. Their playing is precise and tight as a straitjacket, their melodies and harmonies are hooky and spot-on, their songwriting is crisp and creative, and their razor-sharp lyrics viciously excoriate pandemic panic buyers, anti-mask morons, murdering cops and Ghislaine Maxwell. And believe it or not, they’ve actually evolved and improved in the three weeks between albums. Stay tuned; I presume they’re already working on the threequel.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Lockdown is boring. Who gives a fuck if we just released an ‘album’ (gotta use that term loosely folks) three weeks ago, here’s another. Anything that’s over 6 tracks and over 10 minutes long is album, so we got you on a technicality you cunts!”

Jeffrey Dahmer and the Dalai Lama
Jeffrey Dahmer and the Dalai Lama

THE PRESS RELEASE: “We’re like Frenzal Rhomb, if Frenzal Rhomb were shit. Well, shitter than they already are. Just kidding, we wanna make friends. Our band name alone should be enough for you to buy our shit, it’s pretty much our only redeeming feature. Even if you hate us, at least listen to Dennis, it actually goes alright.”