Chris Nine Sees Ghosts

The Toronto rocker shares another single from his fittingly titled new EP The Heavy.

Chris Nine is haunted by romantic Ghosts in his latest single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest single from his recent EP The Heavy, the searing track takes a bayonet to the heart of the perilous emotional expedition that is love, and the raw vulnerability it takes to give it a shot. “I wanted to embody the feelings of love with its heart-pumping feeling, juxtaposed by the heaviness it can leave,” the Toronto singer-songwriter says. “‘Ghosts captures how that overwhelming lust for another can topple one’s self-control over rationale, and open oneself up to the rollercoaster of emotion — just for the slim chance at happiness.”

Featuring Fracture, Ghosts and The Rage, The Heavy‘s trio of blistering, hard-hitting tracks not only live up to the EP’s billing on the sonic side — their subject matter is equally weighty, chronicling a devastating series of personal blows for Nine, including romantic disaster, the pandemic and a concussion.

“The songs on The Heavy all resemble the past, present, and future components of dealing with relationships and trauma,” Nine reveals. “I was navigating this mental fog, and confronting shadows of my past. From this, the heavy was summoned; each song sheds light on the different perspectives each version of self brings to the table, and the emotions that follow.”

“This EP was a way of voicing frustration and growing pains in an incredibly cramped space that was the ‘quarantine,’” he continues. “I was lonely after a breakup, after losing friends, and I was feeling brain fog effects from a concussion. I felt I needed to become something new, and grow from it. With residual effects from my post-concussion syndrome, my eyesight and sense of self were removed. Ultimately, it forced me to adapt, and to start playing and writing in a different manner.”

Focusing on simple, to-the-point solos, Nine worked diligently not only to prevent forgetting ideas, but to avoid over-stimulus that could have potentially worsened his symptoms. “The first track started at The Rage and, vocally, something else came out of me,” he recalls. “The harshness and sizzle in my vocals, that usually had to be held back, became paired with this aggressive rock sound my hands now shaped. Grit, and punchy, melodic vocal lines became my style of singing, and I knew I had stumbled onto something and needed to explore this true side of my voice, and myself.”

Nine also found the ongoing pandemic was exacerbating his experience and, after a trip to the grocery store left him overwhelmed, he experienced a breakthrough. “I came home, quickly grabbed my guitar, and played a riff I had never been able to write a melody line for,” he recalls. “I started to scream the first verse lyrics and, suddenly, a new style of lyric writing had become available to me.”

Fracture was the first to receive this treatment, with The Rage and Ghosts following close behind. “Ghosts was conceived in the idea of telling a full story, similar to the anime openings that had kept me sane and feeling secure the whole quarantine,” he shares. “Overall, this was the first time I delved into a more compressed tone, and really learned how to excel as a vocalist. Songs became more about melody and tight structure than they ever had before, and attention was paid to performance and emotion over what was ‘correct.’ It allowed me to open my writing to darker conversations, and take risks in my songwriting.”

With studios shuttered, Nine soon struggled to find the team to help leverage the release’s maximum potential. “I was previously working with another engineer, but the songs just wouldn’t come together. I knew these songs were destined to be the redefinition of myself, and I made the hard choice to make a change, and reach out to Darren Benner in Alberta. He’s a fantastic engineer, and we were on the same wavelength once we met up but, initially, I didn’t know what would come out of it. Soon, he sent me his first version of The Rage and I broke down with relief; I was finally getting somewhere when hope had seemed lost.”

From there, the two would have long chats, some even at 2 a.m., all aimed at injecting a sense of power, simplicity, and unadulterated rock energy into the release. That very presence of power translates to the record’s raison d’être overall, as well; Nine hopes the tracks bring strength to those seemingly broken, seeking new light within the dark. “Simply, the EP was there to support me,” he reveals. “It was there to give me strength, and make me feel like I could be in the world once more. The Heavy represents relentless energy, and hopefully teaches people to look inside and dig deep; to never give up, and never back down.”

Listen to The Heavy below, watch videos for Fracture and The Rage above, and get Chris Nine’s number at his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.