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The Cars | First Album Promo Poster

The Boston band's debut release is still one of the most influential records in rock.

I never had a chance to see The Cars back in the day — or on their brief 2011 reunion. But that’s OK.

I am content to listen to my old albums, watch the old videos and remember how revolutionary and influential this first album was when it came out way back in 1978. I can’t tell you how many times I played these songs in basement bands (including one particuarly brutal combo with a guitar player who was so perpetually stoned he could barely make it through one song). And oh yeah — back in the late ’90s, one time when I was at SXSW watching a daytime acoustic performance on the convention floor, Elliot Easton sat down right next to me, which was kind of cool. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about The Cars. If this poster of their debut album is just what you need to complete your collection, email me and I’ll sell it to you. RIP Ric & Ben. UPDATE: This poster has been sold.