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The Rolling Stones | Steel Wheels Poster Collection

Not one, not two, but four promo pieces from the band's 1989 studio album.

I have a fair number of Rolling Stones posters. But for some reason, I have more stuff from 1989’s Steel Wheels than anything else. No idea why. It is by no means my favourite Stones album (or most folks’, I would reckon). But it is a pretty nice collection of posters.

There’s the great band shot above — I love Charlie peeking out of the bottom right — along with the album cover graphic, a banner version and a tall, skinny poster of their famous tongue graphic. And hey, the album has Mixed Emotions, Rock And A Heart Place, Almost Hear You Sigh and Slipping Away, so I guess it’s not such a bad album at that. If you’re interested in owning one or all of these, email me and we’ll sort it out.