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Next Week in Music | Dec. 6-12 • The Long List: 300 Releases On The Way

Fill the tub, grab your throwing stars, enjoy a big slab of cake & get up to speed.

Today is Bathtub Party Day — and International Ninja Day, for some reason. So put on your black PJs, grab your throwing stars, break out the Mr. Bubble, and relax while perusing next week’s bounty of albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks and vinyl reissues. Or skip all that and just enjoy a big slab of chocolate cake, since it also happens to be Sacher Torte Day. You’re welcome.



Ace Of Hearts | Frozen In Time
Aeon Station | Observatory
Agarthic | The Inner Side
Alkaline Pink | Pink Tape Ultra HxC 1600 (M1n1 M1x Vol. 2)
David Allred | Driving Through The Aftermath Of A Storm on a Clear Day
Alpha Bootis | Science Fiction-Double Feature
Anatomy Of Habit | Even If It Takes A Lifetime
Astoreth | Rites III-IV
Ateez | Zero: Fever Epilogue
Nicole Atkins | Memphis Ice
Atlas | Ukko
Auld Ridge | Consanguineous Hymns of Faith and Famine
Joan Avant | Dies Irae
Bad Mothers | Bad Mothers
The Band | Cahoots 50th Anniversary Edition
Bane Capital | Full Time Corner Thugs
Bärchen Und Die Milchbubis | Endlich Komplett Betrunken
Geoff Barone | The Forfeit King II
Barrera | Visiones Nocturnas
Lars Bartkuhn | Transcend EP
Bashford | Greener Grasses
Kaspar Baum | Vuurland
Beach House | Once Twice Melody: Chapter 2
Benny Sings | Beat Tape II
Harry Bertoia | Complete Somnambient Collection Vinyl
Big Boi and Sleepy Brown | The Big Sleepover
Black Country, New Road | Never Again EP
Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers | First Flight to Tokyo: The Lost 1961 Recordings
The Bloody Monroe | Some Like It Heavy
Naima Bock | 30 Degrees / Berimbau Single
The Boyz | Candles
The Brandy Alexanders | The Brandy Alexanders
Bria | Cuntry Covers Vol. 1 EP Vinyl
Simon Bromide | Following the Moon
Dai Burger | Back in Ya Mouf
Bill Callahan & Bonnie “Prince” Billy | Blind Date Party
Canibus | Kaiju
Laura-Mary Carter | Town Called Nothing
Carved in Stone | Wafts of Mist & The Forgotten Belief
Christian Death | The Dark Age Renaissance Collection, Part 1, The Renaissance
Gene Clark | Collected
Clear Mortifee | Fairies: Act II EP
Fulvio Colasanto | Unusual Vision
John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman | John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman Vinyl Reissue
Crowen | Prophecy EP
Cruciatus Infernalis | Untot
Dark Sky Burial | Omnis Cum in Tenebris Praesertim Vita Laboret
Yousef Dave | Groovy Sanctuary
Dead | You’ll Never Know Pleasure… 25th Anniversary Edition
Dead Beast | Dead Beast
Deathretro | Deathretro
Beatrice Deer | Shifting
Delaire The Liar | Eat Your Own EP
Dessiderium | Aria
Destroy Lonely | In The Air
Devil Cross | This Mortal Coil
Deviloof | Dystopia
DigDog | Homeless Theater
Djinn-Ghül | Mechalith EP
Doja Cat | Planet Her Deluxe
Dperd | Monsters
El Dragon Criollo | Pase Lo Que Pase
The Drippers | Scandinavian Thunder
Mariusz Duda | Interior Drawings
Herman Dune | Santa Cruz Gold
Dylan Dunn | Blue Like You EP
Dziarma | Dziarma
Ehiorobo | Joltjacket
Kaktus Einarsson | In The Garden (Live Session EP)
Elblag Chamber Orchestra / Marek Moś / Karolina Nowotczyńska / Marcin Zdunik | Symphonies & Duo
The Electric Prunes | Then Came the Dawn: Complete Recordings 1966-1969
Eduardo Elia | The Art Of Not Falling
Duke Ellington & John Coltrane | Duke Ellington & John Coltrane Vinyl
Emerald Four | Absence From Felicity
ES-K | Futility
Estriver | Outcry
Ethereal Shroud | Trisagion
Evangelion | Black Moon
Exit Kid | Basis EP
Exorcizphobia | Digitotality
Falcon Outlaw & Nicholas Craven | Maplehurst Graduation
FAOC (Friggin’ Arab Orchestra Company) | Arab Ladies Sing Christmas Carols Written by Jews EP
Tommy Farrow | Forever EP
Corey Feldman | Love Left 2.1
Fiction Fake | Slayer Season
Final Coil | Somnambulant II
Firekid | Muscle Shoals Metaphysical
William Fitzsimmons | No Promises: The Astronaut’s Return
For Lack Of A Term | Welcome To Your New Normal
Forrest Fang | Forever
Four Year Strong | Brain Pain Deluxe
Fucked Up | David Comes to Life Vinyl Reissue
Funeral | Praesentialis In Aeternum
Fyfe | Games EP
GA​-​20 | GA​-​20 Does Hound Dog Taylor Live!
Sam Gendel | AE​-​30
Georgio | Ciel enflammé
Beverly Glenn-Copeland | Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined
Golf Girl | Year of the Bonefish
Gorillaz | Gorillaz 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
Grade 2 | Graveyard Island: Acoustic Sessions
Green Day | The BBC Sessions
Groundbreaking | Parade
Robin Guthrie | Riviera EP
Gurrumul | The Gurrumul Story Deluxe Edition
Hawkwind | Dust Of Time: An Anthology
Shay Hazan | Reclusive Rituals
Hellgarden | Rise of the Beast
Richard Hell & The Voidoids | Destiny Street Demos
Hifiklub + Duke Garwood + Jean-Michel Bossini | Last Party on Earth
Forrest Hill | Only Love
HLZ | How I Feel EP
Hogtooth | You Can’t Handle The Tooth
Home Front | Think Of The Lie
Honey Guide | A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind EP
Horse Show | Falsterbo EP
Hot Club Of Cowtown | What Makes Bob Holler 10th Anniversary Vinyl
Hundredth | Welcome to Somewhere Nowhere
Hurlee | Lonely Days EP
Michael Hurley | The Time Of The Foxgloves
Loney Hutchins | Buried Loot, Demos from the House of Cash and Outlaw Era, ’73-’78
Will Hyde | Nothing Ever Changes EP
Jackal’s Backbone | Red Mist Descending
Jarvis Duo | Hypnagogia
Jlin | Embryo
Joker’s Hand | All-American Rage
JPTR | Not The Same
Juice Wrld | Fighting Demons
Junkie XL | Last Night On Earth EP
Jack Kays x Travis Barker | My Favorite Nightmares EP
Alicia Keys | Keys
Kid Dad | Bloom EP
Kitten | Personal Hotspots
Mark Knopfler | The Studio Albums 1996-2007
Koncept Jack$on | Good Product
Kosmodome | Kosmodome
Theo Kottis | The Mirror EP
KSR | Peace + Harmony
Fela Kuti | Vinyl Box Set 5
Laces | Field Fallacy Haptics
Lähdön Aika | Valonaara
Lake Haze | Volcanic Fields
Lambchop | I Hope You’re Sitting Down / Jack’s Tulips Vinyl Reissue
Anita Lane | Sex O’Clock 20th Anniversary Reissue
Tory Lanez | Alone At Prom
The Last Martyr | Purgatory EP
Andrew Lee | Heavy Metal Shrapnel
LeiKiè | LeiKiè
LE$ | E30
Lifelost | Punitive Damnation
Lil Boom | The End Of The World
Lilys | Better Can’t Make Your Life Better Vinyl Reissue
Loney Hutchins | Buried Loot, Demos from the House of Cash and Outlaw Era, ’73-’78
The Long Blondes | Someone To Drive You Home Anniversary Edition
Lord Of The Lost | The Sacrament Of Judas
Loud Apartment | Technology
Lowest of the Low | Taverns And Palaces
Lucie,Too | Fool
Lucy | Slide Beneath The City
Tor Lundvall | Beautiful Illusions
Alex Machina | 20X1
Nick Maclean | Can You Hear Me?
Maladie | The Sick Is Dead – Long Live The Sick
Malignant Altar | Realms of Exquisite Morbidity
Bob Marley | Trenchtown Rockers
Mars Red Sky | Mars Red Sky Reissue
Massage | Lane Lines
Mauvey | The Florist
Ana Mazzotti | O Filho Do Homem
Meitei / 冥丁 | Kofū II / 古風 II
Mercury X | Imprisoned
Michot’s Melody Makers | Tiny Island EP
Mienakunaru | Blood Sun
Minus the Bear | Farewell Vinyl Reissue
Moderate Rebels | Suspicious Behaviour​: Session Recordings 2021
Monsta X | The Dreaming
Mordom | Cry Of The Dying World
Mother | Interlude I
Mouth Congress | Waiting For Henry
Mule Jenny | All These Songs Of Love And Death
The Murder Of My Sweet | A Gentleman’s Legacy
Muun Bato | Paraphonic Vapors Reissue
Nalan (AKA slimgirl fat) | I’m Good. The Crying Tape
Nashville Pussy | Eaten Alive
Neon Trees | Versions Of You EP
The New Pornographers | Mass Romantic (Matador Revisionist History Edition)
Nightlands | Moonshine EP
No God Only Teeth | Placenta
Nuisance | Confusion Hill
Odwalla 88 | Twiggy
Oh No Noh + Midori Hirano + Jo David Meyer Lysne | Distant Sediments
The O’My’s | No Swimming EP
Oneohtrix Point Never | Returnal Vinyl Reissue
OK Cowgirl | Not My First Rodeo
The O’My’s | Swimming EP
Moka Only | Martian Xmas 2021
Orphaned Land | 30 Years Of Oriental Metal
Orsak:Oslo | Skimmer/ Vemod
Osay | She Back
Marie Osmond | Unexpected
Otargos | Fleshborer Soulflayer
OT the Real & DJ Green Lantern | Broken Glass
Otargos | Fleshborer Soulflayer
Buck Owens & Susan Raye | Together Again Reissue
Karin Park | Church Of Imagination
Jeff Parker | Forfolks
Pelagos | The Boat
Perseide | The Only Thing Reissue
Piel | A.K.A Ma
PnB Rock | 2 Get You Thru The Rain EP
Ryan Pollie | Stars
Pornographic Sunset | Gold; Flesh; Dirt
Samuel Powell | Owls EP
Price | Sequences (True Sentiments)
Psilocybe Larvae | Where Silence Dwells
Purity | Live In Los Angeles
Putrid Offal | Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues Remastered
Pyrexia | Gravitas Maximus
Joey Quiñones | For You / On Taitt St.
Rage of Light | Redemption
Rainbow Girls | Rolling Dumpster Fire EP
Tia Ray | Once Upon A Moon
Restless Spirit | Blood Of The Old Gods
Reveal! | Doppelherz
Eigen Risico | Still Illegal Shit / Demasiado Malo Para Ser Mentira
Rising Insane | Afterglow
Rohff | Grand Monsieur
Fifi Rong | There Is A Funeral In My Heart, For Every Man I Loved
Rope Sect | Proskynesis EP
Rick Ross | Richer Than I Ever Been
Saáadon | мреть (наутро ночь)
Sabla | Music For Melted Floors
Safety Town | Fake It
San Fermin | In This House
Saraga | Love And Happiness EP
Serpent Eyes | Winds of Yesterday EP
72% | How Is This Going To Make It Any Better?
Sharp Veins | Die of the Waters
Siamese | Home
Richard James Simpson | Sugar The Pill
Sinful Ways | Darkest Days EP
Sister Hazel | Before the Amplifiers 2
Connie Smith | The Latest Shade of Blue: The Columbia Recordings 1973-1976
Snowgoons | Renaissance Kings
Nicky Soft Touch | Lonely City Sampler EP
Majid Soula | Chant Amazigh
Spell Songs | Spell Songs II: Let The Light In
Squeejie Attack Squadron | Yasswave Classics
Stabbing | Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught
Stahlmann | Quarz
Neville Staple | From The Specials & Beyond
Starsailor | Love Is Here 20th Anniversary Edition
Stonetrip | Stonetrip
Moses Sumney | Live from Blackalachia
Sunfruits | Certified Remixes
Supreme Echo | Kradle
Ichi Takashi | Reflection
Iu Takahashi | Interspace
The Tea Party | The Tea Party Deluxe Edition
Teen Daze | Interior
There’s A Light | For What May I Hope? For What Must We Hope?
Thirty Fates | Circus Black
Claudia Thompson | Goodbye To Love
Tiffany | Pieces Of Me Deluxe Edition
TM88 & Pi’erre Bourne | Yo!88
Tour Bleu | Otium
Translate | Octa
Trash Sun | Bill
Travis Duo | Hypnagogia
T. Rex | The Alternative Singles Collection
Trupa Trupa | B Flat A
Jeff Tweedy | Love Is The King / Live Is The King
2FeetBino | Cousin Feeter
2KBaby | First Quarter
2Mums | Bushmaster: Side A EP
Ultraviolet Communication | Paper Tiger
Uyemi | Butterfly Effect EP
Vado | Long Run Vol. 2
Valter | 8Perc
Vahrzaw | The Trembling Voices of Conquered Men
Various Artists | Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol​.​3: Canto Devocinário
Various Artists | Don’t Look Up Soundtrack
Various Artists | Licorice Pizza Soundtrack
Various Artists | One Night in Pelican
Various Artists | Tokyo Glow: Japanese City Pop, Funk & Boogie Selected By DJ Notoya
Various Artists | West Side Story Soundtrack
Verb T & Illinformed | Stranded In Foggy Times
Vis​-​A​-​Vis | The Best Of Vis​-​A​-​Vis In Congo Style
David Watson and Matthew Welch | Woven
James White And The Blacks | Melt Yourself Down Reissue
Joseph White | The Wagging Craze: Original Cast Recording
White Manna | First Welcome
Denver Williams | The Blooming Eye
Wo Fat | The Gathering Dark Remastered
Wolf | Noche de Terror
Neil Young & Crazy Horse | Barn
YSR Gramz | Tap In 2
Zake & City of Dawn | Frizzell & Duque: Orison
Ziemba | Unsubtle Magic