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Agenda Ambiente Wishes You A Happy Birthday!

This blast of thumping, pumping dance fare will turn any gathering into a celebration.

Agenda Ambiente gets the party started with the irresistibly infectious new single Happy Birthday! — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest creation of the Swedish-born, Guatemala-based artist, the invigorating instrumental blends EDM, electronica and trance influences into a thumping, pumping blast of upbeat dance fare that is guaranteed to turn any gathering into a celebration.

Happy Birthday! is a happy EDM dance song,” says Peter Bröms, the musical mastermind behind Agenda Ambiente. “It’s big, it’s fast and it should be consumed loud, on birthdays, on other holidays, or anytime really! Protect your ears and your speakers and enjoy!

“My birthday is on 9 Nov., and Agenda Ambiente released the single Happy Birthday! on that day. Although released on my birthday, it is aimed at all of us, at all our birthdays, across the world. Happy birthday everyone!”

Listen to Happy Birthday! above, hear more from Agenda Ambiente below, and follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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