Life is Anything But Bittersweet For LST IN HLYWD

The young Toronto pop-punks unleash a supercharged new single and video.

LST IN HLYWD deliver a new twist on classic sounds with with their single Bittersweet — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Picking up where the pop-punk paradigm of the ’90s left off, the supercharged young Toronto quintet are lay down a track that’s equally at home on a classic mixtape or a contemporary playlist. Recalling everyone from Sum 41 and Simple Plan to Billy Talent, LST IN HLYWD nod to the past as they look to the future — which is precisely what they set out to do.

While sequestered by the pandemic, James Marrin decided to get creative, and LST IN HLYWD were born. Writing, recording, collaborating, and even performing together via Zoom before they ever stepped into the same room, Marrin (vocals/rhythm guitar), Catherine Carter (rhythm guitar/keys), Chris King (percussion), Yanko Mladenovic (lead guitar), and Calvin Thistle (bass) take their inspiration from artists like Fall Out Boy, MGK and Chase Atlantic.

Bittersweet became their first fully developed song, completely brainstormed and fleshed out remotely. “The inspiration for the song came from a painting that Jamie’s girlfriend created with the word Bittersweet in the background of it,” the band explain. “Bittersweet is a fun and upbeat song with a bittersweet twist at the end. It’s perfect for parties, hanging and cruising with friends.”

The accompanying video was designed to look like a homemade work, the essence of a fun and carefree teenage summer. “Most of the film came from real parties and get-togethers the band had all summer 2021,” LST IN HLYWD say. “We wanted to create a fun video everyone can relate to especially as for the past two years teens have not been able to act like teens and go out and have fun due to the global pandemic. So we wanted to bring the good feeling of getting together with friends and having the ‘summer of your lives’ directly to our audience through the music video.”

Watch the Bittersweet video above, listen to the track below, and get LST IN HLYWD at their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.