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Now Hear This: Deli Girls | Boss

Gird your loins, free your mind & submit to the Brooklyn duo's insane awesomeness.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: There isn’t one. Not that I can find, anyway. But you don’t need some long-ass, lame-ass bio to pick up on what the Brooklyn duo of Danny Orlowski and Tommi Kelly are throwing down. Just gird your loins, free your mind, and push play on the unstoppable force of their debut album Boss. Their unrelentingly aggressive brand of digital hardcore / industrial rap / technopunk — or whatever you want to call this insanely awesome collision of jackhammer beats, ominous synths, buzzing noise and homicidal shrieking — will do the rest. If you ever wondered what Atari Teenage Riot would sound like today if they were louder and gave less of a fuck — Deli Girls might just be the band for you. But be careful: You can’t unhear this. And you won’t be the same afterward. Bow down, motherfuckers.