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Next Week in Music | Oct. 11-17 • The Long List: 500 Releases On The Way

All the music headed for your playlist in the coming days — and then some.

We already have Record Store Day. Now we also have Cassette Week, which runs from today through Saturday. I presume it’s only a matter of time until we’re celebrating 8-Track Month, Reel-To-Reel Fortnight and Wax Cylinder Wednesday. But first, celebrate the impending arrival of these 500 albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and tapes.



Adele | Easy On Me Single
Aeon | Aeon
The Agonist | Days Before The World Wept EP
Läjä Äijälä & Albert Witchfinder | Centuries of Youth
Aino & Hajonneet | Hullui Unelmii,
The Alarm | History Repeating 1981-2021
Alcatrazz | V
Alissic | Piano
Alphanaut | On Some Planets This Is Pop
Alter Ego + Pan Sonic | Microwaves
American Sigh | Honor System
Analogue Electronic Whatever | Fuzzy Pop and Mardy Moods Cassette
Another Michael | Unplugged Music & Big Sessions
Antietam | His Majesty’s Request: A Wink O’Bannon Select
Anz | All Hours EP
Aquaserge | The Possibility Of A New Work For Aquaserge
Aquilo | A Safe Place To Be
Arazubak | Arazubak
David Arcos | Algún Día Single
The Arevalo | Mad Doctor of Blood Island Motion Picture Soundtrack Reissue
Asthma & Młody | Ostatnia Mila (ft. Kacha)
Astral Brain | The Bewildered Mind
Louise Aubrie | Antonio
Avdagata | Damnatio Cursus
Avenue Beat | The Debut Farewell Album
Daniel Avery | Lone Swordsman (Chris Carter Remix)
Bad Brains | Rock For Light Cassette
Ian M. Bailey | Songs To Dream Along To
Baker Boy | Gela
Bakers Eddy | Love Boredom Bicycles
Bakrus | Lover Ingenting
Jake Baldwin | Where You’re Planted
Steven Bamidele | Uncrowded EP
Bangkok Dollars | Lost Souls
Barmudas | Every Day Is Saturday Night
Ben Barnes | Songs For You EP
Baron Crâne | Les Beaux Jours
Bathe | Bicoastal
David Bavas | Stoneboro, PA Cassette
Bazooka Joe 204 | Prairie Nilsson
The Beatles | Let It Be Super Deluxe Edition
Bedd | 1 7/8 EP Cassette
Bedouine | Waysides
Benjike | 4040
Tony Bennett | Snowfall: The Tony Bennett Christmas Album Reissue
Matt Benyayer | She 2.0 EP
B. Hamilton | Nothing & Nowhere Reissue
Big Baby Gucci | Human
Heta Bilaletdin | Nauhoi
Bim Skala Bim | Sonic Tonic Cassette
Galya Bisengalieva | Aralkum Aralas
Bishi | Let My Country Awake
Black Star Jackals | Hollow
Blackstarkids | Puppies Forever
Blackwinterwells | Fractalize Cassette
Bleach Lab | Nothing Feels Real EP
Bleep Bloop | Revenge
R.L. Bloke | Hold Drugs Dear Cassette
Blue Cranes | Voices
Bobby Lees | Beauty Pageant Redux Cassette
Bones & Cat Soup | ForbiddenImage
Bound in Fear | Penance
BBY Boyard | The Secret Lies With Charlotte Cassette
Breit Workman | Breit Workman
Brin | Water Sign
Simon Bromide | The Waiting Room
The Brothers Steve | Dose
Zac Brown Band | The Comeback
Bryan’s Magic Tears | Vacuum Sealed
Allie Crow Buckley | Moonlit and Devious Alternates
Byron The Aquarius | The New Beginning LP
Adam Camm | Echo Chamber Cassette Single
Capital Theatre | A Hero’s Journey
Ben Caplan | Recollection
Caradras | Schattenkönige
John Carpenter | Halloween I
John Carpenter | Halloween II
John Carpenter | Halloween III
Carpetgarden | The Way He Looks Cassette
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes | Sticky
Cartridge 1987 | Passage
Carvento Felana | Carvento Felana
Chancha Via Circuito & Luvi Torres | Ceremonia
The Charlatans UK | A Head Full Of Ideas
The Charm Park | Floating Forever
Cherubs | Slo Blo 4 Frnz & Sxy
Luigi Chiarizia | 6 Sonate di Galanteria
CIA Debutante | Music For Small Rooms
Kelly Clarkson | When Christmas Comes Around
Class Traitor | Class Traitor Cassette
Cluster Lizard | Star Corsair
Cœur de Pirate | Impossible à Aimer
The Coffinshakers | The Coffinshakers LP
The Coffinshakers | The Curse of The Coffinshakers 1996-2016
The Coffinshakers | We Are The Undead LP
Coldplay | Music Of The Spheres
Cold Weather Company | Coalescence
Community Swimming Pool | Gloom / Bloom
Molly Conrad | Light of the Dark
Guy Contact | Drinking From The Mirage
Jacob Cooper and Steven Bradshaw | Sunrise
JP Cooper | She
Corrupt Vision | Obligatory Cover EP Cassette
Count Cooleye | Game On Cassette
The Courettes | Back in Mono
Cousin Betty | Overs
The Cowboy | Riddles from the Universe
Craneium | Unknown Heights
Joy Crookes | Skin
David Crosby | If I Could Only Remember My Name 50th Anniversary Edition
Robert Takahashi Crouch | Jubilee
Crystal Coffin | The Starway Eternal
Cultgabe | Nowherefast EP
Amanda Cunningham | From the Chair
Chelsea Cutler | When I Close My Eyes
Dalek One | Dalek One
Dang!!! | Sociopathfinder
Gene Dante & Future Starlets | DL/UX
Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe | Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe
The Darkness | Motorheart
Benjamin Lazar Davis | Benjamin Lazar Davis
Zache Davis | The Sting
The dB’s | I Thought You Wanted to Know
Death Party Playground | The Good Years EP
Decades | Hermetic Drift Cassette
Ded | School of Thought
Del Water Gap | Del Water Gap Cassette
Dena | Mixed Feelings
Destinity | In Continuum
Devan | Liquid Sunshine
Deviant Process | Nurture
Devoid | Lonely Eye Movement
Dim Kelly | Nocturna Animal
Disclosure | DJ-Kicks
Dixflex6 | Where The Sidewalk Ends Cassette
Djinn | Meandering Soul
Dødsdrift | Ødnis
Dos Santos | City of Mirrors
Dani Doucette | Run With Me EP
Dream Phases | New Distractions Cassette
The Driver Era | Girlfriend
D-Tox | Kubark Project
Allie Dunn | Good As Gone EP
Dyson’s Faces | We’re Two Fools In Love / Don’t Worry About The Jones
Glenn Echo | Fixed Memory
Echoes | Lasting
ElCamino x 38 Spexh | Sacred Psalms Cassette
Eleanora | Mere
Êmia | Needy Desperate Manic
Endure the Affliction | Evolve
Enhyphen | Dimension : Dilemma
Ensemble Interactivo de La Habana | Studio Session
Richard Tyler Epperson | Another Day EP
Beny Esguerra & New Tradition Music | Northside KUISi
ESP Summer | Kingdom Of Heaven
Etch | Parisian Strut EP
Evergreen | Sign In EP
Extreme Cold Winter | World Exit
Farfisa | Gänger Cassette
Feed The Corpses To The Pigs | This Insidious Horror
Field Music | Another Shot
Field Of Fear | Ashes
Finneas | Optimist
Fire-Toolz | Eternal Home
The 502s | Could It Get Better Than This
Fluxion | Parallel Moves
Footshooter | Southside Hymns
Fotoform | Horizons
Foxes | Dance Magic
Fritch | Do You See What I See / As Starlings Do
Mary Lou Fulton | We’ll Tell Stories
Selma Hande Gade | Glims from My Life
Johnny Gallagher | 8th and Jane
Gangster Doodles | Gangster Music Vol​.​2
Alice Longyu Gao | High Drago and Universe EP
Angélica Garcia | Echo Eléctrico
Gemini Syndrome | 3rd Degree: The Raising
The Georgia Thunderbolts | Can We Get A Witness
Debbie Gibson | Out Of The Blue Deluxe Edition
Glok | Pattern Recognition
Gøggs | En Vivo En Teragram Ballroom Cassette
Goldblum | Of Feathers And Bone
Gold Dust | Gold Dust
Gone To Color | Gone To Color
Gracey | Fragile
Grafh x DJ Shay | Stop Calling Art Content
The Grahams | Sha La La
Grandmas House | Grandmas House
Charlotte Greve | Sediments We Move
Shannon Gunn | On A Mountain
Robin Guthrie | Mockingbird Love EP
Gypsum | Gypsum
Half Past Two | Half Past Two Cassette
Hallmark ’87 | Atrium Cassette
Halogens | You’re Being Weird
Hank (!) | Guilty Pleasures (Are the Best Ones)
John Wort Hannam | Long Haul
Hate | Rugia
Haunted Like Human | Tall Tales & Fables
The Hawkins | Aftermath
Hazards Of Swimming Naked | Our Lines Are Down 12th Anniversary Edition
He Dark Age | Ecce Homo Reissue
Hell Razah | The Black Superman
Clarence “Frogman” Henry | But I Do: The Complete Releases 1956-62
Hexa | Material Interstices
Lily Hiatt | Lately Cassette
High Desert Queen | Secrets Of The Black Moon
Kacy Hill | Simple, Sweet and Smiling
Hippotraktor | Meridian
Alex Hitchcock | Wold and Nina Single
The Hold Steady | Open Door Policy Pink Vinyl
Hologram | No Longer Human
Horse Head | Romantic Cassette
Florian Horwath | Fallin In Dark Hands Single
Ryan Hurd | Pelago
Sophie Hutchings | Echoes In The Valley
Hyacinth Girls | Happy Now Cassette
Ice Nine Kills | The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood
Iksre | III
Illudium | Ash of the Womb
Illyrian | Aegis
Interesting Times Gang | Beats, No Rhymes, No Life
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit | Georgia Blue
Dax J | Utopian Surrealism
Jeffrey James | Songs I Found in the Year I Lost EP
Janice | Feelings Unresolved EP
Jelly Cleaver | Forever Presence
Jessia | How Are You?
Jimmy V x Slum | Audi Coma EP
Chris Jones and the Night Drivers | Make Each Second Last
Norah Jones | I Dream Of Christmas
Judas Priest | Reflections: 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music
Ka$hdami | Intermission
Miliyah Kato | Who Loves Me
David Keenan | What Then?
Toby Keith | Peso In My Pocket
Keinemusik | Send Return
Dom Kennedy | From The Westside With Love Three
Khalab | The Great Oxidation EP
Cassius King | Field Trip Cassette
Kolton’s Revenge | Kolto
Kylesa | Static Tensions Reissue
KyŌgen | I Cry Cassette
Pokey LaFarge | In The Blossom of Their Shade
Lair Of The White Worm | EP 1
William Lava | Dracula vs. Frankenstein Soundtrack Reissue
Le Ren | Leftovers
Lykke Li | Wounded Rhymes 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Lightsum | Light A Wish
The Littlest Viking | Labor & Lust Cassette
Livingmore | Take Me Cassette
Lizardwave | The Fracture Plane Cassette
Locked Groove | Nautiluss
Steve Long | Code​-​Talker
Loose Sutures | A Gash with Sharp Teeth and Other Tales
Lords Of Black | Alchemy Of Souls Part II
Lost Love | Empathy
Louis The Child | Euphoria
Lover | Rookie Era EP
Nick Lowe | Dig My Mood Reissue
Nick Lowe | The Impossible Bird Reissue
Nick Lowe | Labour of Lust Vinyl Reissue
LPT | Se Quema El Mundo
Agustín Pereyra Lucena Quartet | La Rana
The Lucid | The Lucid
Lutharo | Hiraeth
Seba Machado | This House EP
Curse Mackey | Lacerations
Maj | No One Cares
Gucci Mane & The New 1017 | So Icy Boyz
Man-Like Devin | Wheel & Shoulder: Acoustic Reggae, Rocksteady & Ska Vol. 1
Hank May | One More Taste of the Good Stuff
Maples | Nocturnal Play Cassette
Chris Mardini | Chris Mardini
Johnny Marr | Fever Dreams Pt. 1
Raquel Martins | The Way EP
Jason Matu | Same Day
Hank May | One More Taste of the Good Stuff
Sarah McQuaid | St Buryan Sessions
Meilir | In Tune
Marc Melià | Veus
Melvins | Five-Legged Dog
Memertut | Mementut Itsog Album Completo
The Midnight | Monsters Cassette
Behrooz Mihankhah | Lydium
Kælan Mikla | Undir Köldum Norðum Ljósum
Ian Miles | Degradation, Death, Decay
Mac Miller | Faces Vinyl Reissue
Jeff Mills & Rafael Leafar | The Override Switch
Miroque | Botanical Sunset
Misanthur | Ephemeris
Stephan Moccio | Lionheart
Money Chicha | Chicha Summit
Dave Monks | I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me
Montreal Jazz Trio | Montreal Jazz Trio
Tom Morello | The Atlas Underground Fire
Mr. Kingpin | Introducing… Cassette
Mrley | Love You London EP
Muertissima | Inquisition
Multicast Dynamics & Sid Hille | Metamorphosis
Namesake | Redeeming Features
Nasti | Life Is Nasti
Kiko Navarro | Dope High (OPOLOPO Tweak)
Neek The Exotic (ft. Large Pro) | Xtraexotic
N8noface | Bound To Let You Down
Farnell Newton | Feel The Love
Buffalo Nichols | Buffalo Nichols
Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Dokokai | L! L! L! (Love the Life We Live)
Joe Nolan | Scrapper
Non Residents | Against Police Brutality
Dax Norman | Pictures Of Food
Noroth | Harbinger
North Americans | Going Steady
North Arm | Bring The Daylight
DJ Not Not | オワッソサンセット Cassette
Novelty Island | How Are You Coping With This Century?
Novocaine 99 | Lost
Nur | Negative Transfer
Charlotte OC | Here Comes Trouble
Daniel O’Donnell | 60
Offset Jim | Rich Off The Pack
Old Man Of The Woods | Votives
OneTwoThree | OneTwoThree
Open Hand | You And Me Cassette
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Joan Of Arc 12″ Coloured Vinyl
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Maid Of Orleans 12″ Coloured Vinyl
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Souvenir 12″ Coloured Vinyl
Order | The Gospel
Ornament and Crime | Another Night on the Astral Plane EP
OWV | Chaser
The Ed Palermo Big Band | I’ve Got News for You: The Music of Edgar Winter
Paper Tigers | A Schism Cataclysm EP
Partaker | What Falls From the Lion’s Mouth
Waylon Payne | The Lost Act
Perpetual Etude | Now Is The Time
PinkPantheress | To Hell With It
Dug Pinnick | Joy Bomb
Jay Pluss x Tenten | Ashigaru
Cassadee Pope | Thrive
Power Rob | Love Ain’t Good Enough
Postcards | After the Fire, Before the End
Mac Powell | New Creation
Pray For Humanity | Epitaphes EP
Primal Scream | Demodelica
Problem & Snoop Dogg | Smoke Break EP
Pugs Atomz. | Test Drive
Purple Disco Machine | Exotica
Pylon | Chomp Cassette
Pylon | Gyrate Cassette
The Queers | Reverberation Cassette
Quivver | Revelate
Radio Days | Walk Alone
Radio Intercept / Vitamin Manifest | Sounds Of Other Cities Vol. 1 Cassette
Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher | Inner Symphonies
Rat Punch | It’s a Drink
Reaping Asmodeia | Darkened Infinity
Rebellix | Serpent’s Kiss EP
Rebuilder | Rock And Roll In America (The Demos) Cassette
Redscale | The Old Colossus
Ike Reilly | Because the Angels
Jaclyn Reinhart | Sleep With Ghosts EP
Relaxer | Concealer
Steph Richards with Joshua White | Zephyr
Cid Rim | Songs of Vienna
Road Pig | Demo Cassette
Shaun Robert | Swan Song For Tape Recorder Cassette
The Roomsounds | Good Company
Marina Rosenfeld | Teenage Lontano
Roses & Revolutions | Midnight Monsters EP
Xenia Rubinos | Una Rosa
Nat James Rufus | Goes Slow Cassette
Kaley Rutledge | Tender Heart
Sacoyans | Gasoline Rainbow
Salt Creek | Out Of The Sky
Philip Samartzis + Eugene Ughetti | Array EP
Philip Samartzis + Eugene Ughetti | Polar Force
Nick Sanders | Phantoms of Memory
Santana | Blessings and Miracles
Sarah And The Sundays | The Living End
Satomoka | Woolly
Scrimshire | Nothing Feels Like Everything
Anson Seabra | Feeling For My Life EP
Seether | Vicennial: 2 Decades of Seether
The Self-Help Tapes | Haunted Addicts Cassette
Shadow House | The Little Album Cassette
Julia Shapiro | Zorked
Billy Joe Shaver & Kinky Friedman | Live Down Under
Virgil Shaw | At The Time I Didn’t Care
She Said Destroy | Succession
The Shining Tongues | Milk of God
Vincent Thomas Short | Layer Effects: Songs to Inspire Creativity
Jaxxon D. Silva | Painting With Poison Cassette
The Silver | Ward of Roses
Sir Was | Let The Morning Come
Skeletoon | The 1.21 Gigawatts Club
The Slackers | Dub Classics Cassette
Sleep Outside | This Won’t Ever Last
Slow Rosary | Refinery Cassette
Slug Christ, Foxwedding | Inner Worm Inner God Cassette
Smile Empty Soul | Black Pilled
Snafu | Exile//Banishment
Sol Sistere | Sol Sistere
Something About Vampires And Sluts | Live At CBGB’s
Sometime In February | Here Goes Cassette
Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer | Motherfuckin’ Rock ’n’ Roll
Joshua Speers | Midnight Horses EP
Squanky Kong | Dawn of the Cataclysm
The Square Community | Words Are No Constellation Cassette
Starlight Assembly | Starlight And Still Air
Al Stewart | Time Passages Deluxe Edition
Luke Stewart & Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet | Luke Stewart & Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet
Stice | Stice’s Satyricon Cassette
Stimming & Lambert | Positive
The Stone Eye | South Of The Sun
Strict Face | Pulsers
Sungazer | Perihelion
Sunmi | Go Or Stop?
Susobrino | Pocualeíto
Marianne Sveen | Next of Kin
Swoose | Bloom EP
Sylvere | EP1
Szczyl | Polska Floryda
Takatsuki Trio Quartett with Tobias Delius and Axel Dörner | Berliner Quartette
Elan Tamara | We Can Fall
Tanto & Organon Contemporaneous | Chimaera Esse Obnoxium
Katelyn Tarver | Subject To Change
Livingston Taylor | The Middle Years (1978-1996)
David Beck’s Tejano Weekend | Vol. II
Telemakus | The New Heritage
Hayden Thorpe | Moondust For My Diamond
Loris Tils | Chic Invaders Deluxe Edition
TK & The Holy Know-Nothings | The Incredible Heat Machine
ToBy | L’Esprit
The Tremolo Beer Gut | X​mas Date at The Snow Club b​/​w The Tremolo Death Wray (From The Guts Of Hell)
Trii Group | Interest In Music
Mo Troper | Dilettante
Tsubi Club | Burbank House
Tunic | Quitter
TV Priest | Lifesize Single
Twelve Foot Ninja | Vengeance
Gino Vannelli | (More Of A) Good Thing
Vanishing Twin | Ookii Gekkou
Various Artists | Aspirin Age: A Shoegaze Compilation Cassette
Various Artists | The Baggie Split Vol. 5 Cassette
Various Artists | Bake Sale Vol. 9 Cassette
Various Artists | Box of Pin-Ups: The British Sounds of 1965
Various Artists | Continuous Play 03 Cassette
Various Artists | DJ Chuck Wren | Ska Boom!: Obscure American ’80s Ska Mix Cassette
Various Artists | Gangster Music Vol. 2
Various Artists | Golden Rules: The Originals 1
Various Artists | Gouldian Finch 4
Various Artists | Lethal Cassette
Various Artists | Noodf5
Various Artists | Of Paradise Vol. 4
Various Artists | Pokémon 25: The Album
Various Artists | Pure Hate: The Return Of The Faded Light
Various Artists | Pure Retrowave Vol. 3
Various Artists | Sacred Soul of North Carolina
Various Artists | Tapes Not Dead Vol. 4 Cassette
Various Artists | Too Hectic: California Ska Punk Cassette
Various Artists | Tribute To Repo Man Cassette
Various Artists | We Are Busy Bodies: WABB 100
Various Artists | We Do The Ska Vol. 3 Cassette
Varley | Smalltalk & DMCs
Velvet Two Stripes | Sugar Honey Iced Tea
The Velvet Underground | The Velvet Underground: A Documentary Film By Todd Haynes – Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack
Amen Viana | The Afrocanalyst
Vildhjarta | Masstaden Under Vatten
Marshall Vincent | In No Particular Order
Virginity | Popmortem
Vitamin String Quartet | It Feels Like Christmas
Vollam | Mirror
Scott von Ryper | Dream State Treasure
The Wanted | Rule the World
Warda | Khalik Hena Reissue
Dean Wareham | I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of L.A.
Dionne Warwick | A Very Special Evening With Dionne Warwick
Weak Signal | Bianca
We Are Messengers | Wholehearted
The Webstirs | Ordinary Shapes
Paul Weller | Days Of Speed Vinyl Reissue
Paul Weller | Illumination Vinyl Reissue
Wilderado | Wilderado
A.A. Williams | Arco EP
Lucinda Williams | Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 3 – Bob’s Back Pages: A Night of Bob Dylan Songs
Lucinda Williams | Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 4 – Funny How Time Slips Away: A Night of ’60s Country Classics
Danny George Wilson | Another Place
Witch Fever | Reincarnate EP
Remi Wolf | Juno
Tommy Womack | I Thought I Was Fine
The Wombats | Proudly Present … This Modern Glitch 10th Anniversary Edition
The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong All Stars | A Gift to Pops
Wrong Move | Death Made Swift EP
Yacøpse | Pop-Punk Alienation Cassette
Ydegirl | Ydegirl
Yogee New Waves | Windorgan
Young Thug | Punk
Yullola | Priestess
YVNCC | Fissue Cassette
Zeph | Scared of Everything EP

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