Groover Playlist 120 | Step Right Up

Enjoy another trip through an international lineup of songs, sounds and sights.

Noisy Array has ants in his pants, Animaleja stays grounded, Laszlo Jones can’t keep it together, Tom Tikka is tired of getting stepped on — and they’re not the only ones putting their best foot forward in today’s submissions from Groover, a platform that connects artists with critics like me for a small fee. You can (and should) follow me on Spotify HERE, check out my Top 150 playlist HERE, or listen to it via the widget at the lower right of every page on this site. If you want to be in an upcoming playlist, go HERE. But first, step right up and check out these finds:


Noisy Array | Sit & Run

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: Hip-Hop.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “My name is JT Morrow. I am an 18-year-old instrumentalist, producer, vocalist, guitarist and concept designer. Noisy Array is a genreless concept project created by entirely by me. This is my most recent single which has a ’90s-meets-’70s musical blend with rapped vocals. I have 28 songs released at the moment, and I feel every song sounds very different from the last. I guess it could all kind of fall under the rock and blues category at the end of the day, though.”

Animaleja | Enraizada

HOME BASE: Colombia.
GENRE: World.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Alejandra Cárdenas, aka Animaleja, is a Colombian composer, a pianist, and a musical researcher from Medellín. Through her music, she celebrates human diversity and plurality, as well as some ancestral beats and synthetic sounds while they are fused and incorporated in the music production process. She brings to the table an urban sound that seeks to explore her personal quest through some Colombian ancestral sounds. Enraizada is the sound of the dystopian present, the longing for the origin and the everyday life of the city, unpretentious the mixture between games and vocal effects, percussions and synthetic sounds that lead us to a dance of emancipation like that of the grass that bursts in the cement.”

Laszlo Jones | Out Of My Head

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Indie-Rock.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Out Of My Head is the second single from the upcoming EP Beyond The Door. It’s about passion that is so strong that it defies reality, becoming stronger than life, stronger than death.”

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps | Doormat

HOME BASE: Finland.
GENRE: Folk-Rock.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “From the chart-topping Finnish singer-songwriter Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps, Doormat is pure melodic pop-rock. It’s the second single from This Is My Happy Face.”

Danielpix | Angry Tears

GENRE: Heavy Metal.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Danielpix was born in 1981 in the South Italy. He started to study piano at the age of 9, but preferred playing by ear than taking lessons. At 14, he started to compose music, and over the years he fell in love with the cinematic music and soundtracks). Improvisation is one of his specialties.”

Clint Is Good | Mojo

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Hip-Hop.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Rocked by music from an early age, Clint Is Good had classical training before switching to rap and grime. His musicality and his attraction to instruments such as the guitar allow him to create a singular sound, introduced on his first EP French Grime, released in 2019. Les Fleurs du Mâle, his new EP, plunges us a little more into his universe through six tracks. The main theme is a dedication to femininity and gentleness. Without forgetting, of course, the reference to the work of Charles BaudelaireLes Fleurs du Mal — Clint examines relationships. Indeed, the versatile tracks offer a breath of fresh air lyrically and musically, melding grime, Afro, electro and rap.”

Ratel C | Le Drapé

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Pop Balladry.
THE TRANSLATED & EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “I’ve been sick since I was a child, a chronic illness. A couple of years ago, things went bad and at some point I was bedridden and no longer able to sing in the usual way. When death drew near, I recorded an album to deal with fear, exploring the nooks and crannies of my new voice which is still as deep as before but a little harsh and quite unusual for a woman. It was to be the album of an end of life,. But since I was lucky enough to get new meds that gave me some extra years, it became an album of resurrection. It deals with escape and its consequences, people who are lonely or dream of being left alone, those who are free and those in chains. The lyrics are tender or raw. The songs create an imaginary, mythological world or by painting realistic portraits about motherhood, illness, sex, small joys or resilience. In Le Drapé (Radio Edit), saturated, slow guitars respond to the piano on an atypical rhythmic signature and choirs for a fugue. The whole thing hangs by a thread. The song begins with the words “we’re celebrating”. We won’t celebrate at all. Le Drapé is also (and not only) about homophobia.”

Elad A. On | Memories From The House

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Ambient Electronica.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “I am an independent composer and songwriter. I released the ambient-electronic tune called Memories From The House a couple of weeks ago.”

Amy Lyhie | Vertigo

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Folk-Pop.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Combining acoustic guitar and a light and warm voice, Amy’s music expresses a subtle mix of genres. Pop, folk, soul, rock and reggae influences are all present, bringing a freshness to the new scene. Her debut album The Sunshine LP attracted the attention of radio upon its release. While we wait for her second opus later this month her latest single Vertigo is available on all platforms.”

FrankySelector | Ice Breaker

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Funk.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “A founding member of Montreal sensation Skyjuice, Franky has shared the stage with Ben Harper, The Herbaliser, The Groove Collective, The Band and more. FrankySelector’s latest album Never Better is yet another collection of feel-good, laidback sunny vibes blending vintage analog instruments and modern technology, and bridging the golden age of FM radio with today’s streaming charts. It could be classified as future vintage, quiet storm or rare groove. Franky describes the album as “Whimsical tales of serendipity in the 21st century.” Ice Breaker is the second single and a pure feel-good track. Evoking Franky’s Floridian roots, the song makes anyone dream of sandy beaches, palm trees and roller skates.”

De Ghost | Axis

HOME BASE: Switzerland.
GENRE: Electronica.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:De Ghost is the new electronica project of Swiss producer Sknail. His sound is a clever mix of rhythmic glitch coupled with D&B beats, deep bass and atmospheric pads. His music, with its sober minimalist aesthetic and ethereal atmosphere, evokes a near future in which the ultimate luxury will be silence, freshness and purity.”

Beubeu | Nomad Session #1

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Electronica.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Dear Diary: I introduce you to my first Nomad Session shot at Labenne (France). Some journeys happen without moving. This one was one of them. The lack of tracks in the sand, the sound of the waves was so loud that I can’t wait to tell you the next chapter of this story. See you on our next trip and enjoy listening to this track. — Beubeu.”

PlayboyDaHood | C’est L’Ete

HOME BASE: France.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “This is a single from my album Love Season, with very colorful lyrics inspired by summer.”

Jamie Backlight | Lost In Space

HOME BASE: Belgium.
GENRE: Indie-Rock.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “What is more beautiful than a space trip?”

Terence Blade | Read The Room

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: Alt-folk.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Terry Blade is an award-winning singer-songwriter. He is originally from DC and currently resides in Chicago. He has been compared to Tracy Chapman, Amos Lee, Meshell Ndegeocello, and Antony and the Johnsons. His debut EP Misery (Mastered for Headphones) was released in 2020. In February, Terry premiered his 19-track debut album American Descendant of Slavery, The Album to critical acclaim. Two weeks after its release, the album won a Gold Award for Original Music in an Audio Production from the 15th AVA Digital Awards. Read the Room is a song that demands a conversation. It’s a soulful-bluesy acoustic story about how people tend to be unaware that the words they say have consequences.”

Omnikrom | Michel-Ange

HOME BASE: Canada.
THE TRANSLATED & EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “It is said that in the past, Omnikrom came from the future to change the face of Québec rap. They sowed joy where there was sadness, sprinkled dreams amid the truth, curved straight lines that stretched into infinity. But sadness is fuel for some, dreams are scary for others, and rushing straight ahead is safer when wearing blinders. So Omnikrom returned to where they came from, leaving behind thin-eared spy cats to listen to the sweet sound of human life. But now they’re back. Why? Because they heard you. They heard your love and they heard your hate. They missed your human feelings and they have things to say to you. Nothing that seems really important, but it will be for the future. Welcome them back with Michel-Ange, a play that speaks of our confidence in carelessness. It was funny to wink at Michelangelo, universally recognized as one of the greatest artists in history, because in the end what is a “real” artist? ”

Wild Sisters Band | Juicy Summer

HOME BASE: Canada.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Lead singers Gab and Janicka met on stage in 2015. The girls’ instant friendship and their shared love of music blossomed into a life-changing project in 2018: The Wild Sisters Band. These exceptional vocalists are backed by six spectacular musiciansm including a brass section. With an average age of 16, The Wild Sisters Band are as impressive as they are unique. These amazing performers never get tired of sharing their love of music with the public. Juicy Summer is a feel-good, sunny, catchy piece with a wind-in-your-hair road-trip vibe.”

PhilR | Levanta Las Manos (ft. Prince Vic & Mike Moonnight)

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Reggaeton.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Inexorably drawn to reggae and Afro-Cuban music, PhilR nourished by intense and diverse experiences. A native of Quimper, the musician has travelled abroad and shared multiple scenes to enrich your culture musical. Punctuated by Caribbean beats, sprinkled with French and Spanish singing, Levanta Las Manos is a piece in the transatlantic colors of the Dominican Republic. This title transports you from the shores of the Pacific to the dance floor of the club in a perpetual musical ascendancy.”

Stiles Brisson | TMTA

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Indie-Pop.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Stiles Brisson is a young Canadian singer-songwriter living in France. His latest single TMTA heralds an upcoming album that will open a new page in his artistic life. Navigating through different musical genres with influences from Rex Orange County to Shawn Mendes, he demonstrates a diverse style and a a unique sound.”

Den Paq | Expressways

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Instrumental Rock.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Welcome to my musical universe. My goal is to make my compositions known and to be recognized as a composer of progressive music, which can be used as film music or played on the radio. Live the moments.”

Victims Of The New Math | You’re Swimming

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: Indie-Rock.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Victims Of The New Math is the performing name for Thomas Young (vocals, guitars, bass, and drums). He has been making music since his teenage years in the late 1980s, and has been releasing music since 2006. Over several album and EP releases in 15 years, he has incorporated diverse influences (glam, new wave, psychedelic rock, lo-fi rock) to create a unique sound that never quite fits prescribed genres or styles. Victims Of The New Math delivers tight, vintage-sounding, riff driven rock and lush lo-fi melodies that sound both familiar and new at the same time. He says: “You’re Swimming is an optimistic indie-pop track inspired by our obsession with a ’70s sound that may never have actually existed. Ironically, the new EP Heading To The Suburbs is heavily influenced by our favorite artists that came of age in the ’90s — Guided By Voices, Mercury Rev and The Flaming Lips.”

Don Matteo | Poïèsis

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Spoken-Word.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “I am Mathieu Rivolier, actor and director. My new slam Poïèsis — under the name of Don Matteo — talks about the world of show business, where I specialize in film, manga and video game dubbing. I hope you like my world.”

Davide Anniballi | Freedom

GENRE: Neo-Classical.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: Davide prefers to let his music do the talking.