Chris Nine Can No Longer Contain The Rage

The Toronto rocker unleashes a cathartic indictment of love in his intense single.

Chris Nine unleashes The Rage in his urgently intense new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A blistering blast of bone-crushing adrenaline, the Toronto alt-rocker’s supercharged track — a cathartic indictment of the duality and consequences of love — offers a potent preview of his forthcoming EP The Heavy, due out Sept. 24. Chris Nine’s poignant lyrics act as a two-way musical mirror held up to his listeners in an attempt to engage on a more personal level; stripping away all ego and pride, he takes a raw and honest approach with his sonic storytelling.

All that lyrical vulnerability is more than offset by the supersonic power of the punk-influenced track. A polished cocktail of razor-sharp guitar riffs, post-hardcore vocals and stadium-filling drums, the track channels artistic influences from across the spectrum of punk and alt-rock, offering musical splashes of Paramore, Rage Against the Machine, Machine Gun Kelly and others.

Watch The Rage above, hear more from Chris Nine below, and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.