Keegan Chambers Defiantly Demands That You Look What You’ve Done

The Canadian rocker isn't backing down on her incendiary new single and video.

Keegan Chambers turns a traumatic ordeal into a galvanizing anthem with her cathartic new single and video Look What You’ve Done — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The heart-pounding, guitar-driven rager from her new EP Out Of My Head is a testament to a woman who has something to say and isn’t backing down.

Look What You’ve Done was written after a traumatizing experience brought out an anger in me I’d never seen before,” Chambers reveals. “I was walking a couple dogs on a residential street when I was approached by a stranger. I was on the phone, so I ignored him and kept walking. The next thing I knew, I was running for my life as he chased me around the neighbourhood in his bright blue pickup truck. My body did what it knew best: entered into survival mode, simultaneously triggering the memories and sensations it remembered from the life of sexual assault and harassment I had previously endured.

“After passing me several times within minutes as I dashed across intersections trying to find an opportunity to get back inside without letting him see what house I went into, I finally lost him. I reported it to the police but the license plate owner denied it and ultimately there were no repercussions. I became obsessed with getting back at him for the trauma he put me through. He became the poster boy for every man who’d ever wronged me and I wanted revenge. I wanted answers. I wanted him to know how much his actions affected me and my life. I wanted him to feel as powerless as I did. But I couldn’t actually do any of that. So I wrote about it instead.”

Featuring additional instrumentation by Skull Fist’s Jonny Nesta and Spencer LeVon of Fatality and Brother Levon, Out Of My Head nails a rugged rock sound that would make Debbie Harry and Joan Jett beam with pride. Her clever artistic nuances go beyond stacked harmonies and seething riffs; Chambers incorporates snapping, synths, and other electronic sounds that amp her songs to an entirely bigger soundscape. “We (also) tried to keep the instrumentation mostly organic so that when we are able to get back out to perform live, we’ll be able to recreate the same energy,” she says.

Watch Look What You’ve Done above, hear more from Keegan Chambers below, and get more on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.