Amir Brandon Intoxicates With Champagne

The Toronto singer-songwriter cruises into the night with his broken heart.

Amir Brandon pours on the heartache in his debut single and video Chanpagne — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Extraordinary vocals and melodic sensibilities combine for the Ottawa-born, Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter, who has endured years of closed doors, homophobia, and fighting for his artistic integrity. Thankfully, they only fuelled his creative fire, inspiring a striking sense of vulnerability and confidence in his songwriting. After much experimentation, self-discovery, and reinvention, his music stands as a testament to his resilience in the industry.

“As a first-generation Canadian born to immigrant parents from the Middle-East, I understand the challenges of building upon dreams from scratch,” he shares. “I also understand the valuable opportunity I’ve been granted to pursue music in Canada, where it comparatively would not have been possible if my parents had not immigrated. My drive for success is a testament to Canada’s culturally diverse music landscape, and my music is an inspirational platform for young artists walking a similar path.”

As first preview for the artist and multi-instrumentalist’s debut album Lonely Club, Champagne achingly peels away Amir’s desire to ditch the bubbly in favour of dancing alone with his broken heart. His authenticity as a melancholic man of sadness comes to life on the track, giving us a one-way ticket into uncharted loneliness. With Champagne, Brandon carves out his own unique place in the pop landscape.

Watch the video for Champagne above, listen to the track below, and join Amir Brandon in the limo at his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.