Sonic Reducers | Robert Plant Shares His Stash

Today we talk about Percy’s plan to give away his music after he's gone, gone, gone.

As if we don’t already have enough good reasons to love Robert Plant, here’s another: He recently revealed that he spent his pandemic downtime going through his old music and papers, and has assembled a gigantic treasure trove of unreleased songs that he wants his children to put online for free after he leaves the building. To which I say: You better put that in writing, Percy.

But that’s not all big-time publicist Eric Alper and I have to say on the matter in our latest Sonic Reducers segment. Join us as we share our appreciation for all things Robert, try to figure out how many lost Honeydrippers album, Phil Collins drum-track outtakes and alternate versions of Big Log will be in the stash — and wonder whether Jimmy Page will ever make good on his 10-year-old promise that he’s about to put out an album and go on tour (Spoiler Alert: He won’t. He isn’t. And he never will.). Sonic Reducers: One story. Two music nerds. Five minutes. And everything you need to know.


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