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Lisa Marini Unearths Her Sophomore Album Buried Town

The London singer-songwriter shares an ethereal, emotionally captivating collection.


On the streets at 12. In a drug raid at 15. Now sober and releasing her second album. These are just some of many stories that make up the life of alternative-pop artist Lisa Marini, who just issued the self-produced set Buried Town — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The 10-track album is an ethereal, emotionally captivating collection of songs that are beautifully crafted, under the artist’s unifying worldview. Marini did everything from the writing, recording and production, to the artwork and visuals. “Half of the songs on this album are a celebration to creative energy and the other half are songs about being taken away from said energy and the search to find my way back to it,” Marini says.

Buried Town sees Marini examine a wide range of themes including the lingering presence of someone who’s left, protecting creativity at all costs, and distractions in the face of mortality. The contemplative topics should come as no surprise given the artist’s history.

Running away from a dysfunctional home at 12, Lisa found herself living with heroin addicts before being caught in a police raid in her teens. Recognized as not being part of the gang, Lisa was let go with a new outlook on life. What followed was sobriety, a return to education, and the beginning of her new positive nomadic lifestyle.

While Marini has been a performing musician for years — with features on Jazz FM and BBC Scotland, and gigs at Wilderness Festival, the O2 For Blues Fest, and Camden’s iconic Jazz Café under her belt — the artist has explored all corners of the working world. Across the years, Marini has worked as a band photographer, a visual artist, an independent agent running jazz and blues nights, an actor/model, and, of course, on the Eastenders underwear stall.

Buried Town brings together the strands of Lisa’s remarkable personal and artistic history into one incredible collection. Listen to the album and watch some of her videos below, and catch up with Lisa Marini on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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