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Jeff Rosenstock | No Dream

Few surprises are as welcome as this unexpected release from the NYC punk.

Some surprises are better than others. Few are as welcome as this unexpected album from New York singer-guitarist Jeff Rosenstock. True to form, it’s loud, loose, fast and fat-free — and brimming with cathartically crunchy mosh-pit anthems and nuggets of playfully raucous, personal and personable punk-pop. Don’t let anyone tell you dreams don’t come true.

THE PRESS RELEASE:No Dream is the 4th studio record from the Death Rosenstock band full of chords, words, beats and more! Tracked live in a big room for that classic “is that a mistake?” sound by Grammy-nominated recorder “Grammy Jack” Shirley, you are GUARANTEED to have not heard this record before you’ve listened to it! We hope it makes you feel good, but if it doesn’t, that’s on you sorry.”