Rogue Proxy Bust Out Of Solitary Confinement

The EDM rockers unlock a timely examintion of isolation and loneliness.


Rogue Proxy do hard time in their new single Solitary Confinement — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With a sound best described as the illegitimate love child between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk — and an origin story stemming from two childhood friends — the EDM rock duo’s edgy guitar tone, funky bass grooves, punchy drums, and creatively styled vocals create an inimitable sound.

Lyrics like ‘I found myself in solitary confinement’ speak to the duo’s exploration of the paradox that isolation can be both punishment and the key to truly discover our inner selves. “Not to mention that it is quite à propos in these times of constant lockdown!” they add.

One listen to the track’s non-standard chords reveals why Solitary Confinement once had a working title of Busy Beat. “We reunited in our friendship to produce a new sound that blended vintage tones and styles with modern production techniques,” they share. “While working on perfecting it, tube amps were overdriven to their limits, compressors were hit way too hard, and saturation was pushed too high into the red. Things got out of control and we say a freak accident occurred; something unknown appeared; it hacked itself into the session, and took over all production… We called it Rogue Proxy and, with it, a new flavour of rock was born.

“The Rogue Proxy icon is more than an image,” they continue. “It’s the alter-ego and ‘artificial intelligence’ behind the music and, most importantly, the face of all visual media. Rogue Proxy became our conduit to transmit sound, energy and visual wildness. Rogue doesn’t follow rules or formulas during songwriting or production, but is driven instead by an ever-evolving AI and complex algorithm with one goal: to produce a new, genre-defying, and exciting musical experience. Our mantra is: Rogue Proxy lives in your speakers. Rogue Proxy lives in your TV. Rogue Proxy is anywhere and everywhere it wants to be!” Even in Solitary Confinement.

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