Let’s Be Giants Sigh, Stay Inside And Say I Don’t Mind

The Monteal band's melancholy shrug previews their Fade In / Fade Out album.

Let’s Be Giants share a bittersweet dream-pop shrug on their vintage-sounding single and video I Don’t Mind — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Arriving ahead of the Montreal band’s forthcoming album Fade In / Fade Out (out June 1), singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Esther Spiegelman’s number features simple lyrics with a profound mix of heartbreak and hope — all floating atop a ’90s-style soundscape that blurs the lines between Cranberries, Liz Phair and Mazzy Star.

“Esther often writes songs about being in her own head, and in her own world, where she can view things the way she wants to,” say the band, which also includes guitarist Jeremie Dallaire, bassist Matt Wozniak and drummer Simon Pesant. “As an introvert, she writes a lot about what goes on in her mind, and often references not wanting to go out into the real world. I Don’t Mind is the perfect example of that.”

To illustrate a song that delves deep into human spirit, Spiegelman also masterminded a video laced with clever animated elements — all hand-crafted and Esther and co-director Dominic Levert. “The post-production that came after the filming was even more time consuming than everything we had done so far,” the band explain. “Esther took the lead in post production, and literally learned how to animate to make this video possible. Because of the learning curve of it all, it ended up taking about 100 hours longer than anticipated. But she was determined. She got it looking how she originally envisioned it, bringing all her crayon-coloured illustrations to life frame by frame — of course, with the help of Dominic, who showed her the ropes and prepped mostly everything for post production.”

The results are a transcendent, colourful visual for a decidedly melancholy song. But that’s exactly what Let’s Be Giants do so well: “We give the extroverts the opportunity to be introverted, for even just a few minutes.”

Watch I Don’t Mind above, hear more from Let’s Be Giants below, and visit them on their website, Facebook and Instagram — if you don’t mind.