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Next Week in Music | April 12-18 • The Long List: 320 Releases On The Way

All of the new music headed to your playlist in the coming days — and then some.

If I had a nickel for every one of the 320-plus albums, EPs, singles, soundtracks, compilations, anthologies, box sets and vinyl reissues that are coming out this week … well, I’d probably have more money than most of their creators will ever make from Spotify. Just sayin’.



Acid Mammoth | Under Acid Hoof Reissue
Ageless Oblivion | Suspended Between Earth And Sky
Chisara Agor | The Sessions
Wilder Gonzales Agreda | Patrocinado Por El Gobierno
Aimer | Walpurgis
Alaskan Tapes | For Us Alone
Ali And The Clouds | Dream Forest
Amigo The Devil | Born Against
Ande | Bos
Angrrsth | Donikąd
Apparat | Soundtracks
The Armed | Ultrapop
Arthur King | Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg)
August Burns Red | Guardian Sessions
Autogramm | No Rules
Babygirl | Losers Weepers EP
Beach Youth | Postcard
Bend The Future | Without Notice
Jo Below | No Control EP
Benjamin Belinska | Lost Illusions
Bend The Future | Without Notice
Benedikt | Balcony Dream
Troy Bentley | Headlock
Lea Bertucci | A Visible Length of Light
Bewitcher | Cursed Be Thy Kingdom
Big Ant Dog | Two Weeks
Big Scarr | Big Grim Reaper
Frank Black | Fast Man Raider Man Vinyl Reissue
Frank Black | Francis Black Francis Vinyl Reissue
Frank Black | Honeycomb Vinyl Reissue
Black Peaks | Live At The Brighton Centre
Black Orchid Empire | Live in the Studio
Black Plastic | Club Grotesque
Tracy Bonham | Young Maestros Vol. 1
Born Ruffians | Pulp
Boy Destroy | Warpaint EP
The Brother Brothers | Calla Lily
Steve Bug & Cle | Gentle Push EP
Burial Waves | Light Heads Single
Burning Flag | Matador
Bushido Code | The Ronin
Cannibal Corpse | Violence Unimagined
Captain Mosez | Captain Mosez
Daniel Carter, Luisa Muhr, Ayumi Ishito, Eric Plaks, Aron Namenwirth, Yutaka Takahashi, Zach Swanson, Jon Panikkar | Playfield Vol. 2
Chanmina | Bijin
Childe | Childe EP
Chinv & Babidi | TheFumado
Christos Chondropoulos | Athenian Primitivism
Eric Church | Heart
Clicks | G​.​O​.​T​.​H.
Lloyd Cole | Antidepressant Remastered
Concrete Castles | Cerulean Echoes
Conway the Machine | La Maquina
David Cook | The Looking Glass EP
Louis-Jean Cormier | Le Ciel Est Au Plancher
Elvis Costello and the Attractions | Armed Forces Vinyl
Crown | The End Of All Things
Zac Crye | All The Same EP
Crypt | Buried Alive
Cyberdine Systems Corp. | Program State EP + Legowelt Remix
Ami Dang, Midori Hirano, 食品まつり aka foodman, Sabiwa, Maher Shalal Hash Baz | Imaginal Soundtracking 2: 鬼 / The Demon
Kang Daniel | Yellow
David Wax Museum | Euphoric Ouroboric
Elise Davis | Anxious. Happy. Chill.
Ferreck Dawn & GUZ | Knock Me Out
Death is Death | Death Is Hardest Thing To Do
Deine Lakaien | Dual
Vladislav Delay | Rakka II
Der Plan | Save Your Software
Dida | Ingenious Scenes
The Disaster Area | Glasshearts
Don’t Problem | Whale
Dorja | Persephone EP
Dragongirl | Tripomatic Fantasies
Drongo | 1
Paul Dunmall, Keith Tippett, Philip Gibbs, Pete Fairclough | Onosante
Eastward | Get Something Going EP
Endseeker | Mount Carcass
Eomac | Cracks
Eremite | Descension (Out of Our Constrictions)
Escape The Fate | Chemical Warfare
Eve | Scorpion 20th Anniversary Vinyl
Ewan Exploded | Ewan Imploded 1
Eyn | I’m Not Dead Nor Am I In The Void
Julian Faith | Dr. Mausoleum
Feyxwuan |Weak & Divine
The Fly Downs | At This Point In Time
Jon Flynn | Citrus
Alex Henry Foster | Standing Under Bright Lights
Fragmentum | Masters Of Perplexity
Jeremiah Fraites | Piano Piano (Acoustic)
Tom Frankel | Milestone EP
Fred Again.. | Actual Life (April 14 – December 17 2020)
Friedemann | In Der Gegenwart Der Vergangenheit
Marty Friedman | Tokyo Jukebox 3
Function | Awakening From the Illusory Self
Conor Gains | Three EP
Gameboy_98 | Adultery EP
Miles Gannett | Meridian
Garage A Trois | Calm Down Cologne EP
Orla Gartland | Zombie!
Get Jealous | Easily Worried
The Gloria Record | Start Here Reissue
Conor Grains | Three EP
Greta Van Fleet | The Battle At Garden’s Gate
Hayley Griffiths Band | Live At T’Blok
Hail The Sun | New Age Filth
Nick Hakim & Roy Nathanson | Small Things
Cory Hanson | Pale Horse Rider
Headache | Get Off the Internet EP Vinyl Release
Hernia | Hernia
The Hics | The Man Who Sold the World
Asta Hiroki | Entropy
Holding Absence | The Greatest Mistake Of My Life
James Holvay | Sweet Soul Song
Jon Hopkins | Piano Versions EP
Hosannas | Show Me: Picture Them Remixing You
Huxley Would Approve | Grave New World – Part Two
John Leslie Hulcombe | Born of the Fire
Engelbert Humperdinck | Sentiments
Icon Of Sin | Icon Of Sin
Incarceration | Empiricism EP
Inhmost | Early Horizons
Jacquees | QueMix 4
Jethro Tull | ‘A’ (A La Mode): A 40th Anniversary Edition
Jo Below | No Control EP
Norah Jones | ’Til We Meet Again
Jaguar Jonze | Antihero EP
Zack Joseph | Keeping Me Sane
Jess Joy | Patreearchy
Joystick! | I Can’t Take it Anymore
Caro Juna | Violent Delights EP
A. Karperyd | GND
Kasai Allstars | Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound
Greg Keelor | Share The Love
Kilig | What My Mind Needs EP
Arthur King | Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg)
Caroline Kingsbury | Heaven’s Just A Flight
Hus Kingpin | The Threesome EP 2
Kink Gong | Zomia Vol​.​1
Kneeling In Piss | Types Of Cults
Knut | Terraformer Remastered
Matthijs Kouw & Gagi Petrovic | Recalcitrance
Layten Kramer | Dear Apathy
Spencer Krug | Fading Graffiti
Bill Kwan | No Ordinary Love: The Music of Sade
Talib Kweli & Diamond D | Gotham
The Ladles | Springville Sessions
Deine Lakaien | Dual
Howie Lee | Birdy Island
John Lennon | John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 50th Anniversary Edition
Donna Lewis | Now in a Minute 25th Anniversary Edition
Alan Licht | A Symphony Strikes the Moment You Arrive
Liquid Tension Experiment | LTE 3
The Living | 1982
London Grammar | Californian Soil
Lorna From The Council Estate | I Wanna Be A Pornstar
Love of Lesbian | V.E.H.N.
Low Island | If You Could Have It All Again
Rob Lutes | Come Around
Lyke | Stay With Me EP
Maeta | Habits EP
Holly Macve | Not The Girl
Magnalith | Instrumentality EP
Ci Majr | Side Effects EP
Triston Marez | Triston Marez
Kenny Mason | Angelic Hoodrat
Paul McCartney / Various Artists | McCartney III Imagined
Tim McGraw | Here on Earth Ultimate Edition
The McGuffin Show | SPACE: Eclipse Edition
Jason McNiff | Dust Of Yesterday
Mente Organica | El Espacio (Earthly Measures)
Merzbow | Ensemble Drums
Julia Michaels | Love Is Weird
Microcorps | XMIT
Miesha & The Spanks | Singles EP
Mihi Nihil | Mihi Nihil
Jakob Mind | The One Who Got Away
Tracky Minion | Playboi Tracky
Mirah | Advisory Committee Vinyl Reissue
Mirah | C’mon Miracle Vinyl Reissue
Monarch | Future Shock
John Moods | So Sweet EP
Mother Cell | Powerhouse
Motorpsycho | Kingdom Of Oblivion
Bob Mould | Distortion: 2008-2019
Muadeep | Honeymoon EP
Natural Information Society With Evan Parker | Descension (Out of Our Constrictions)
Kiko Navarro | Afroterraneo Remixed
NeedToBreathe | Live From the Woods Vol. 2
Neo Pistea | Punkdemia Vol. 1
Neutral | Grå Våg Gamlestaden
Clovis Nicolas | Autoportrait
Nikolaienko | Rings
Nivek​.​B, Craig G, Tone Spliff & Ancient Soundz | The Assignment
Noods | Blush
Stanley Odd | Stay Odd
The Offspring | Let The Bad Times Roll
Oh The Humanity | Oh the Humanity
Olivia’s World | Tuff TB Tender EP
Omar | Drum Temple
David Ottestad | Like the Light of Stars
Pandora | Space Amazon Vinyl Reissue
Panxing | Slowmusic
Evan Parker Quartet | All Knavery & Collusion
Pathfinders | Ares Vallis
Freda Payne | Let There Be Love
Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo | Dun Dun
Chris Perry | A Head of Smoke
Tom Petty | Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)
The Pineapple Thief | The Soord Sessions: Volumes 1-4
John Pizzarelli | Better Days Ahead
Caroline Polachek | Standing At the Gate: Remix Collection
Will Porter | Tick Tock Tick
Portugal. The Man | Oregon City Sessions
Ponta Preta | Tits Up
Primitive Ignorant | Infant Joy On Midnight Streets EP
Cole Quest & The City Pickers | Self [En]Titled EP
Josh Radnor | One More Then I’ll Let You Go EP
Saint Raymond | We Forgot We Were Dreaming
Recognize Ali & Bronze Nazareth | Season Of The Seven
Jack Reynolds | Reynolds
Royal Blood | Boilermaker
Busta Rhymes | The Coming (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
Ryanhood | Under The Leaves
DJ Megan Ryte | DJ Megan Ryte
Sam Eagle | She’s So Nice EP
Sasha & the Valentines | So You Think You Found Love?
Pierre Schaeffer | L’expérience Musicale 1959
Zach Schmidt | Raise a Banner
Scooter | God Save The Rave
Sech | 42
Seething Akira | Dysfunctional Wonderland
Cale Sexton | Sustain
Shaed | No Other Way
Shelly FKA Dram | Shelly FKA Dram
SHINee | Atlantis
Shrine Ov Absurd | Monotony
Silly Boy Blue | The Riddle / The Remixes EP
Jeffery Silverstein | Torii Gates EP
Sleep Sinatra × Kennedy Krills | The Scribes of Tehuti
Skaar | Waiting
Gian Slater | Grey Is Ground
Michaela Slinger | Panorama
Slumb | Play Dead
Wadada Leo Smith / Douglas R. Ewart / Mike Reed | Sun Beans of Shimmering Light
Son Lux | Tomorrows |||
Soundhoose | Quarantine Psycho
Sounds Of New Soma | Trip
Sour Ops | X
Alexandra Spence | A Necessary Softness
Spirit Mother | Live in the Mojave Desert Volume 4
Sufjan Stevens | Lamentation II
Julia Stone | Sixty Summers
Stoner | Live in the Mojave Desert Volume 5
Andy Stott | Never the Right Time
Suez | The Bones Of The Earth
Suffocate For Fuck Sake | Fyra
Superlynx | Electric Temple
Syna So Pro | Chill/Hype
Synpal | Passing Clouds EP
Sznur | Dom Człowieka
T Bear | Fresh Bear Tracks
Temple Balls | Pyromide
Jimi Tenor | Mysteria / Vocalize My Luv (Electric Remixes)
Francesca Ter-Berg | In Eynem
Louise Terra | Follow The Moon Into The Ocean EP
There Were Wires | Somnambulists
Tom The Mail Man | Sometimes Sorry Isn’t Enough
Toro y Moi | Underneath the Pine Vinyl Reissue
Total Wkts | No Holiday
To The Grave | Epilogue
AJ Tracey | Flu Game
Tristam | WLUWD
Robin Trower, Maxi Priest, Livingstone Brown | United State of Mind
Two Feet | Max Maco Is Dead Right?
Troyman | Chocolates & Diamonds
Two Feet | Max Maco Is Dead Right?
Unschooling | Random Acts Of Total Control EP
Sharon Van Etten | Epic 10th Anniversary Edition
Various Artists | Eurovision Song Contest: Rotterdam 2021
Various Artists | Futur Ant’Rieur: Bongo Joe Five Years
Various Artists | Future Folk: Friendly Faces; Different Spaces
Various Artists | Imaginal Soundtracking Vol. 2: 鬼 / The Demon
Various Artists | Midnight Rock’s Secret Tapes
Various Artists | Mien (Yao) – Cannon Singing in China, Vietnam, Laos
Various Artists | Planet Underground Vol. II
Various Artists | Prsnt
Various Artists | Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: 10th Anniversary Seven Evil Exes Edition
Various Artists | Sound Storing Machines: The First 78rpm Records From Japan 1903-1912
Various Artists | 10 Years of Butter Sessions Disc 1
Various Artists | 10 Years of Butter Sessions Disc 2
Various Artists | 10 Years of Butter Sessions Disc 3
Vetter | Av Sublim Natur
Views | Mother Tapes Anthology 1986 / 1990
The Vintage Caravan | Monuments
Vision Video | Inked In Red
Vitamin | Recordings 1981
Violet Mist | Prophecy 2096
Vision Video | Inked In Red
Waxflower | We Might Be Alright
Chris Weeks | Optics
James Welburn | Sleeper in the Void
While She Sleeps | Sleeps Society
Wilczyca | DrakoNequissime
Mary Wilson | Mary Wilson Expanded Edition
Teresa Winter | Motto Of The Wheel
The Workday Release | Like The Light Of Stars
Tammy Wynette | Only Lonely Sometimes / Soft Touch / Good Love & Heartbreak / Even the Strong Get Lonely
XIX | Fall Damage EP
Yelawolf & DJ Paul | Slumafia
Yung Beef | El Plugg 2
Zaumne | Élévation
Ze In The Clouds | Magical
The Zenmenn | Enter The Zenmenn
Rolf Zielke | Beaches In Your Soul
Zoé | Sonidos de Karmática Resonancia