Wonders Of The Yukon Are On Their Way To Rachel (And All The Goofs & The Stars)

The British folk-pop eccentrics do some UFO spotting in their latest colourful clip.

Wonders Of The Yukon hit the road to Rachel (And All The Goofs & The Stars) in their new single and animated video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“It’s a simple lyric designed to make you think,” says Andy Campbell, one half of the eccentric British folk-pop duo. “In essence, it’s just a love story with a question mark hanging over who exactly the recipient of the love is.”

Or what, perhaps. Since this is Wonders of the Yukon, of course there’s a double meaning. Says Campbell: “Think Area 51, think conspiracy theories, think ‘the truth is out there.’ Imagine you are so desperate for answers; it’s a passion — a lust, even — and it borders on unrequited love.”

Finally, Campbell’s musical partner Dave Langdale spills the beans: “It’s just a tale of a guy driving to the desert to do a bit of UFO spotting.” Presumably in Rachel, Nev. — the closest town to Area 51.

Continuing the band’s exploration into northern English sentimentality and the darker side of American culture, this new offering fizzes with indie-pop guitars, driving bass, and pounding beats; it’s been described as Power Pop meets Americana — or Power Pop-icana, to borrow their term.

Developed by up-and-coming graphic artist 44skulls, the accompanying video takes audiences on a journey through a cartoon desertscape complete with coyotes, catci, canyons and cosmic visitors. Naturally, there’s also an appearance by band mascot WOTY: A character created from a stencilled outline of a guitar pick guard. “He’s appeared in the last three videos since being born in the video to Cartoon Dreams,” Campbell says. “And it’s certain he’ll continue to appear in the videos to forthcoming releases.”

Watch Rachel (And All The Goofs & The Stars) above, hear more from Wonders Of The Yukon below, read their 20 Questions interview HERE, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.