Aieysha Haws Sees Stars In Latest Single Zodiac Signs

The pop-R&B chanteuse celebrates cosmic love in her sophomore single.

Aieysha Haws is enchanted by the heavens in her captivating sophomore single Zodiac Signs — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“My inner child comes out and is making friends in this song — the kid in you never dies,” the Canadian pop-R&B chanteuse shares. “I wanted to lead with playfulness, and spark a quirky conversation that was framed to everyone’s favourite topic: The Self. I’m inspired by astrology and, while there are people who do and do not believe in it, it was important to me to create a sense of belonging for everyone in this song. I want listeners to be happy and feel good about themselves… It’s that sense of confidence and curiosity that connects the dots, and fun is in the detailed frequency of my questions and queries.”

These notions are organically encased by the very essence of who Haws is. And it’s not just her — her loyal fanbase, whom she dotingly refers to as the Wise Eyes, are thrilled to orbit her lively and enchanting universe. “I love learning new things, and meeting new people. My Wise Eyes resonate with that same zest of personality and positivity, too. We celebrate the best love — a cosmic love — that keeps us connected.”

Born in Florida, and hailing from Toronto, Haws first rippled the scene earlier this year with her lively, raw, and intriguing release Butterflies — a song that unravels unrequited love in metaphors for metamorphosis. Check out Zodiac Signs above, listen to both her tracks below, and keep up with Aieysha Haws on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.