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Next Week in Music | March 8-14 • The Short List: 3 Titles I Want to Hear

Who needs Nick, Selena & Sean when you've got Rob, Valerie & EyeHateGod?

If you care about the new albums on the way from Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez and Sean Paul, you have definitely come to the wrong place. If, on the other hand, you’re interested in the forthcoming works of EyeHateGod, Valerie June and Rob Zombie, by all means read on:


A History of Nomadic Behavior

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:EyeHateGod are the snarling, bilious sound of dead-end America. Since 1988, they’ve been a soundtrack for the troubled masses. Ugly music for ugly times. That’s the sense of disenchantment and disease that lies at the heart of their latest and sixth full-length album, A History of Nomadic Behavior . Anyone familiar with EHG’s story knows this is survivor’s music, a sound unto itself where Sabbathian riffs are meted out with a caustic anger that goes beyond punk. That’s been the blueprint since guitarist Jimmy Bower (also of NOLA supergroup Down) founded the band in 1988 with vocalist Michael IX Williams joining not long after. With a discography including sludge-punk mainstays like In the Name of Suffering (1990), Take As Needed For Pain (1993), Dopesick (1996), Confederacy of Ruined Lives (2000) or 2014’s eponymously titled LP, EHG laid the cracked foundation for their infamous and influential sound.”

Valerie June
The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The latest full-length from Valerie June, The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers emerged from a long-awaited revelation on the part of the Tennessee-bred singer-songwriter. “With this record, it finally became clear why I have this dream of making music,” June says. “It’s not for earthly reasons of wanting to be awarded or to win anybody’s love — it’s because dreaming keeps me inquisitive and keeps me on that path of learning what I have to share with the world. I think when we allow ourselves to dream like we did when we were kids, it ignites the light that we all have within us and helps us to have a sort of magic about the way we live.”

Rob Zombie
The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “As a rock icon and filmmaker with a unique vision,​ Rob Zombie​ has continuously challenged audiences as he stretches the boundaries of both music and film. He has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide, and is the only artist to experience unprecedented success in both music and film as the writer/director of eight feature films with a worldwide gross totaling more than $150 million. The LP marks his first new album in nearly five years. The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy is a classic Zombie album to its core with high-energy rages like The Eternal Struggles of the Howling Man and Get Loose to heavy-groove thumpers like Shadow of the Cemetery Man and Shake Your Ass-Smoke Your Grass. The new album is produced by Zeuss.”