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Next Week in Music | March 8-14 • The Long List: 300 Titles On The Way

All the music streaming onto your playlist in the coming days — and then some.


After a couple of busy weeks, things are finally slowing down a bit — although 300 new albums, EPs, singles, soundtracks, box sets, anthologies, compilations and vinyl reissues in seven days is still nothing to sneeze at. Here’s this week’s to-do list:



Acid Mammoth | Acid Mammoth Reissue
Acid Mammoth | Under Acid Hoof Reissue
Ronnie Atkins | One Shot
All My Faith Lost… | Untitled
America Part Two | Price of Nation
Archangel | Third Warning
Ronnie Atkins | One Shot
Raffaele Attanasio | Nuovo Futuro
Autarkh | Form in Motion
The Awakening | Gianni Brezzo
Baby Boys | Threesome
Gary Bartz, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge | Jazz is Dead 006
Maria Basel | Layers
Joshua Bassett | Joshua Bassett
Beatkozina feat Radouan Naim | Soye / Sirocco EP
Paul Bedal | Cerulean Stars
Charlie Bedford | Good to Go
Bernice | Eau De Bonjourno
Matt Berninger | Serpentine Prison Deluxe Edition
Bhopal’s Flowers | Astromeria: A Journey On Earth & Beyond
Aloe Blacc | All Love Everything Deluxe
Black Diamonds | No-Tell Hotel
Black Hawks of Panama | Mercer Street
Black Loops | Circulation EP
DJ Black Low | Uwami
Blackmore’s Night | Nature’s Light
Dan Blake | Da Fé
Sydney Blu | Conviction
Blue Water Highway | Paper Airplanes
Blutengel | Fountain Of Destiny
Bound in Fear | Eternal
David Bowie | Something In The Air (Live Paris 99)
Bowser | Whispers From the Wickerman
The Brand New Heavies | Live In Tokyo 1992 – Shibuya 357
Jordan Brando | Moment In Time EP
Brandy and the Butcher | Dick Circus Remastered
Olie Brice, Binker Golding, Henry Kaiser, N.O. Moore, Eddie Prévost | The Secret Handshake with Danger Vol. 1
Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper | Glassforms Versions
Allie Crow Buckley | Moonlit and Devious
Johnny Butler | Thirteen Dances
Cactus Flowers | Solace EP
Callous Hands | Earth Mover EP
Caribou | Suddenly Remixes
Caskets Open | Concrete Realms of Pain
Central Cee | Wild West
Mel Chante | Flo EP
Flo Chase | Toi
Rosie Cima & What She Dreamed | Realm of the Warring Gods
Clever | Crazy
Closer | Within One Stem
Conan | Live at Freak Valley
Cool Ghouls | At George’s Zoo
Astrid Cordes | Beautiful Mess EP
Corners Of Sanctuary | Blood And Steel Vol. 1 EP
The Crown | Royal Destroyer
The Culture Industry | D.K. Stance
Cuushe | Waken Remixes
Damages | No Longer With Us
Danz CM | The Absurdity of Human
Dead Dirty Dinosaurs | Too Many Questions: The Abbey Road Masters EP
DeeCRACKS | Serious Issues
DeFeKT_ | Don’t Stop
Deekapz | Jewel Gems EP
Dekker | Slow Reveal: Chapter One w/ Bonus Tracks
Demiser | Through The Gate Eternal
Edgar De Ramon | De Tu A Tu
Devil’s Witches | Velvet Magic
Peter DiCarlo | Onward
Mike Dillon | Shoot the Moon / Suitcase Man / 1918
Dojo Cuts | Take From Me Vinyl Reissue
Dollar Signs | Hearts of Gold
Do Nothing | Glueland EP
Doohickey Cubicle | Don’t Fix Anything 😉
DPR Ian | Mito
Dream People | Almost Young
Driftmachine | Spume & Recollection
Dust Moth | Rising//Sailing
EB | Goodbye Baby EP
Eisbrecher | Liebe macht Monster
Electric Jalaba | El Hal / The Feeling
Electric Youth & Pilotpriest | Come True Soundtrack
Ocie Elliot | Slow Tide EP
El Michels Affair | Murkit Gem b​/​w Cham Cham
Enforced | Kill Grid
Extra Credit | It’s Over
EyeHateGod | A History of Nomadic Behavior
Mikey Ferrari | Spaceboy EP
Feu! Chatterton | Palais D’Argile
5 A Day EP | Y U QT
Foley | Vacation EP
Forty Feet Tall | A Good Distraction
Neil Frances | Stay Strong Play Long
Francis Of Delirium | Wading
The Freedom Affair | Freedom Of Love
Brent Funkhouser | The Next Karaoke Star
Future Teens | Deliberately Alive EP
Joel Gabrielsson | Citadel EP
Gang of Four | 77-81 Box Set
Gee Bag | Foreigners
Givēon | When It’s All Said and Done… Take Time Deluxe Edition
Gizmachi | Omega Kaleid
Glitchers | Thought Crimes EP
God’s Hate | God’s Hate
Gold Record | Create Love EP
Selena Gomez | Revelación EP
GospelbeacH | Jam Jam E​P
Grandmas House | Always Happy / Small Talk
Tom Grennan | Evering Road
Grosso Gadgetto & Pink Room feat. Oddateee | Woke
Guedra Guedra | Vexillology
Haerts | Dream Nation
The Hamiltones | Dracula Invitational, 1791
Hanalei | Black Snow
Cory Hanson | Pale Horse Rider
Jordan Hart | Only Pieces of The Truth EP
Heart Healer | The Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson
Nina Herzog | Together Away
Hiatus | Distancer
Utada Hikaru | One Last Kiss
Allan Holdsworth | Leverkusen ’97
The Horrors | Lout EP
Gary Hughes | Waterside
Huntingtons | High School Rock
Issa | Queen of Broken Hearts
Jaialai | As Sweet As I Was EP
Lex Jasper Trio & Strings | Lexposure
Jimpster | Soul Spectral EP
Joelistics | Joelistics Presents Film School
Nick Jonas | Spaceman
Jordan | Echoes: Volume One EP
Josephine & Hershguy | Stocky Tunes
JPL | Sapiens Chapitre 2/3: Deus ex Machina
JuJu | Live at 131 Prince Street
DJ Jumbo | Mega Party
Valerie June | The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers
Kalan.FrFr | TwoFr2
Kaleema | Útera
Chez Kane | Chez Kane
Karin | Solitude Ability
Magnus Karlsson | The Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson
K-Drama | Both Sides of the Blessing
Katie Knipp | The Well
Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter | Anticipation
Momo Kodama, Seiji Ozawa & Mito Chamber Orchestra | Hosokawa / Mozart
Koven | Butterfly Effect Deluxe Edition
KSI | Patience
Lake Street Dive | Obviously
Graham Lambkin | Solos Box Set
Thierry Larose | Cantalou
StevieRay Latham & The Nomads of Industrial Suburbia | Letters From Suburbia
Least | Into Darkness
Ledfoot | Black Valley
Jaspar Lepak | Desert Ghosts
Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno | Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno
James Levy | Soldier
L.F.T. | Traume Von Gabriel
Lizdelise | Body EP
Charles Lloyd & The Marvels | Tone Poem
The Lotts | Out Of It & I’ll Get Round To It
Louisahhh | The Practice of Freedom
Jean Pierre Louveton | Sapiens, Chapter 2/3: Deus ex Machina
Jennifer Loveless | Water EP
Joyner Lucas | Evolution
Lugosi | Video Nasty
Lunar Shadow | Wish To Leave
Lushlife | Redamancy
Lydmor | Capacity
Madness | Our House: The Very Best of Madness
Mako | Fable Remix
Malist | Karst Relict
Malneezy | Only Fragments Left
Mara | Djävulstoner
Jenny March | Madness EP
Marianas Rest | Fata Morgana
Max and The Martians | All The Same
Kelly McFarling | Deep The Habit
Merauder | The Minus Years
Miasmata | Unlight: Songs of Earth and Atrophy
Colin Miller | Hook EP
Minihi | Recaptures
Minutian | Magical Thinking
Mixed Matches | In Memory
Jane Monheit | Come What May
Montoya | Otun Remixes
Riley Moore | Sweet Boy EP
MP | Bursting Out (The Beast Became Human) Reissue
DJ Muggs the Black Goat | Dies Occidendum
Steve Murphy & Carlo Di Roma | DMX09
Myopic & At the Graves | A Cold Sweat of Quiet Dread
Nasambu & Mbaluka | Free to Breathe: Live in Nairobi
Israel Nash | Topaz
Tash Neal | Charge It to the Game
Necropanther | In Depths We Sleep EP
NevilleSounds | Don’t Stop Rolling
Michi Saagig Nishnaabeg and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson | Theory of Ice
Nubyan Twist | Freedom Fables
Orden Ogan | Final Days
Ki Oni | Indoor Plant Life
Only Now & Beneath The Ruins | Anamnesis
Steve O’Sullivan | Green Trax
Alejandro Otero | None But Everyone
Buck Owens | The Complete Capitol Singles, 1957-1975
Oxhy | Woodland Dance
Pino Palladino and Blake Mills | Notes With Attachments
Panoptique | How Did You Find Me?
The Paper Kites | Roses
Lucy Park | Before I Speak EP
Sean Paul | Live N Livin’
Perfume Genius | Immediately Remixes
Bruno Pernadas | Private Reasons
Pet Needs | Fractured Party Music
Justin Courtney Pierre | An Anthropologist On Mars EP
Planet Asia x DirtyDiggs | Block Shaman
Prayer | In Your Arms EP
Praytell | LOL, we’re all gonna die :)) EP
Pupil Slicer | Mirrors
Pussy Riot | Panic Attack EP
Quirk | Really From
Radwimps | 2+0+2+1+3+1+1= 10 years 10 songs
Raissa | Herogirl EP
Really From | Really From
Record Heat | 1 EP
Renforshort | Teenage Angst EP Vinyl Reissue
Rioghan | Blackened Sky EP
Rise to the Sky | Let Me Drown with You
Harry Romero feat. Jessica Eve | It Hurts
Ronce | Malignant
The Roots | Do You Want More?!!!??! Deluxe Edition
Rosé | -R-
The Rumjacks | Hestia
Serena Ryder | The Art Of Falling Apart
Reza Safinia | Yin
Saga | Symmetry
Julien Sagot | Sagot
Zeb Samuels | After the Storm Single
Myles Sanko | Memories Of Love
Secret Sphere | Lifeblood
Evvy Shark | Ms. Liza’s Psychic Hotline
David Shea | The Thousand Buddha Caves
She/Beast | This Too Shall Pass EP
Ship Thieves | Irruption
Valgeir Sigurðsson | Kvika
SIM | Terminate EP
6 Dogs | Ronald
Skinnyfromthe 9 | Love Me Now
Sleepless | Blood Libel
Slope | Street Heat
Johnny Smith | The Classic Roost Album Collection
Linda Smith | Till Another Time: 1988-1996
Philippe Cohen Solal & Mike Lindsay | Outsider
Somni | Somni Presents: Up Too Early Volume 2
Sonic Flower | Rides Again Reissue
Sonic Flower | Sonic Flower Reissue
Sour Sync | Wisdom Teeth
Southern Culture On The Skids | At Home With Southern Culture On The Skids
Spiritual Mafia | Al Fresco
Paul Stanley’s Soul Station | Now And Then
Starmen | By The Grace Of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Fredro Starr | Firestarr 2
Stella Research Committee | A Proposed Method for Determining Sanding Fitness
Stepney Sisters | Stepney Sisters
Stortregn | Impermanence
Strippers Union | The Undertaking Disc 2
Sultan + Shepard | Something, Everything
Sunburned Hand of the Man | Pick A Day To Die
Sunfields | Late Bloomers
Sunstorm | Afterlife
Svarts | Geography
Taali | When Did The World Start Ending?
Dulcie Taylor | Rediscovered EP
Tears | Binging, Bragging, Bitching
Stephan Thelen | Fractal Guitar 2
Thérèse | Rêvalité’ EP
Thunder | All The Right Noises
Thunder Horse | Chosen One
Tiamat | A Deeper Kind Of Slumber
Tiamat | Wild Honey Vinyl
Tiggs Da Author | Blame It On The Youts
Joey Trap | Loyalty
Tricky | Fall To Pieces Remix EP
Tulliah | Distant Dreams EP
Turbulence | Frontal
Twitch Of The Death Nerve | Beset By False Prophets
Ultraísta | Sister: The Remixes EP
The Underground Youth | The Falling
Userx | Userx EP
Various Artists | Down Where the Valleys Are Low: Another Otherworld for Judee Sill
Various Artists | The Round Up Pt. 7
Various Artists | Soul Jazz Records presents Studio One: Rocksteady Got Soul
Varmia | Bal lada
The Vices | Looking For Faces
Virgo Rising | Sixteenth Sapphire
Butch Walker | American Love Story (Live and Quarantined) Vinyl
Wampyric Rites | Demo IV
Davy Williamson | Down By the Fire EP
Doug Willis | The Mighty Douglas (Doug’s Godbizniss Mix)
Witch Camp (Ghana) | I’ve Forgotten Now Who I Used to Be
WitchTit | Intoxicating Lethargy
Dan Wriggins | Mr. Chill
Yevae | TBA
King Yosef and Youth Code | A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression
Jenny Owen Youngs | Echo Mountain
Youth Code & King Yosef | A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression
Rob Zombie | The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy