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Now Hear This: Echoes of Zoo | Breakout

The Belgium jazz rebels cut loose and roam free on this exploratory offering.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With Breakout, Belgium’s Echoes Of Zoo push their adrenaline-fueled jazz sounds to thrilling new levels. Rarely has one single word captured an entire musical atmosphere this accurately: the gates of the cages fell open and won’t ever be shut again.

Breakout celebrates cutting loose, as the band are constantly on the lookout for unexpected and exciting encounters – both culturally and musically. Infused with an eclectic range of western, oriental and African influences, Echoes Of Zoo let their psychedelic and energetic jazz roam the streets in all freedom — much like an animal that has just stepped out of his cage and looks you straight in the eye. Meeting is direct, barriers are gone, the adrenaline and energy are rushing high.”