Late-Night TV Music (Catching Up Edition) | March 1+2, 2021

I haven't had time to peruse the latest offerings. Doesn't look like I missed much.

Yesterday it was so nice out I went for a walk in the morning. Today I’ve been in the weeds dealing with online technical garbage. The upshot: I haven’t had time to peruse the latest offerings from the Late-Night TV Music universe. So I’m gonna do a fast double-post today just to play catchup. On the plus side, it doesn’t look like I missed anything major. Rather than blather on snarkily about all of them like I usually do, I’m just posting the links below. But I also included a small treat: Brandy Clark‘s performance of Like Mine on today’s episode of Ellen DeGeneres, which hasn’t aired in a lot of places yet. You’re welcome, I guess. Now, on with the show:

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