Taming Sari Claim You’ve Gone And Run Away With Their Heart In New Single

The Ottawa rockers take it down south with a slow-burning, emotionally raw ballad.

Taming Sari tame their own hard-hitting ways with their smouldering new ballad Gone And Run Away — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“We had a desire to dip our toes into this slower tempo and explore the emotions of heartbreak within the soundscape of Southern rock,” the Ottawa-area rockers explain, describing their fourth single as a story “for rockers and lovers” about jealousy, heartbreak, and “the emptiness one can feel when a person is gone after a relationship comes to an end.”

Fuelled by vulnerable lyrics and blazing vocal delivery, Gone And Run Away is jam-packed with sonic elements of country-rock — including powerful drum fills, sweeping slide guitar and a hard-grooving bassline — that add up to forge a sound reminiscent of everyone from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Rival Sons.

Photo by Laura Collins.

Taming Sari is lead singer Warren Meredith, drummer and backing vocalist Adam Ouellette, guitarists Joe Fraser and Miguel Brunette-Kingsberry, and bassist Alex Pellerin-Auprix. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the group members have been split between Ottawa and Gatineau.

Back in 2019, the bilingual quintet made their debut with the pummelling single Down with the Devil, followed by the track Wake Up Boy. The two cuts led to their debut album Thirsty from the Drought the same year. Since then, the blues-inspired quintet have released the 2020 Loving Way.

All of Taming Sari’s releases so far were recorded and produced by Toronto’s Ross Hayes Citrullo. “Our creative relationship grows stronger every time we work on a new single together,” they say.

Watch Gone And Run Away above, listen to Thirsty From The Drought below, and connect with Taming Sari on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Laura Collins.