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Chris Wenner | True Time: Exclusive Premiere

Ther singer-songwriter delivers a reflective ballad that brings you back for more.

Chris Wenner opens the New Year on a melancholy note in his new single True Time — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

True Time is a song that starts almost like an echo, then unfolds with calm, narrative vocals towards a multi-voiced acoustic vault. “There are times when I kill time, then time is killing me,” Chris sings. “Time will make us older, but time is all we need.” Wenner plays with repetitive words here and counters them with a well-thought-out musical structure, making True Time a composition that makes you think and brings you back for more.

As a singer-songwriter, Wenner addresses life in a quiet, thoughtful way and asks essential questions about existence. With his debut album New Born Man, he convinced critics and won a loyal audience. New Born Man is the culmination of the German singer-guitarist’s lifelong musical passion. Since the early 1970s, Wenner has paired his affection for acoustic guitars with a genuine love for songwriting, storytelling and performance. He has played with renowned artists, including the California band Venice, who make a guest appearance on the album. New Born Man is an album of touching stories with gentle vocal harmonies and a stunning acoustic guitar sound — with a repertoire spanning almost half a century of songwriting.

As a single, True Time stands in line with Wenner’s musical brand and essence: Easy to listen to, but always profound, with the ambition to convey a sincere, meaningful message to listeners via a combination of acoustic sounds and existential questions.

Hear True Time above, Listen to New Born Man below, and learn more about Chris Wenner on his website, Facebook and Instagram.