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Classic Album Review: Jello Biafra | Become the Media

The punk motormouth delivers three albums full of political spoken-word rants.

This album came out back in 2001. Here’s what I said about it then (with some minor editing):


Any loudmouthed punk can rant about what’s wrong with the world. Trust Jello Biafra to take it one step further and tell us how to fix it.

On his new three-CD spoken-word set Become the Media, the former Dead Kennedys frontman-turned-social commentator and free-speech crusader continues to personify fellow OG punk Joey Shithead’s motto Talk – Action = 0. Over the course of more than three hours worth of live lectures taped during the past year, Biafra delivers well-aimed potshots at all the expected corporate and government targets: the WTO, the FBI, George and Al, Frankenfood, NAFTA, the media and so on. But along with kvetching, Biafra also peppers his informed, caustically hilarious monologues with plenty of insightful — and inciteful — advice on the ins, outs, dos and don’ts of Green Party politics, grassroots campaigning and Internet hacktivism. Ultimately, his message isn’t that different from one of those corporate slogans he loves to hate: Just Do It. And, he would add, do it before it’s too late.