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Next Week in Music | Jan. 25-31 • The Long List: 340+ Releases On The Way

This week's list inscludes three Kings, two Slims and a pair of Werewolves. Go figure.

Some people say there are no coincidences. I don’t know. But I do know that after putting together this list every week for a while, I’ve started to notice that certain words crop up in bunches. For instance, this week there are three different releases by artists with King in their name, two from different acts called Slim and another pair that include the world Werewolves. What’s up with that? You got me. I’m sure there are more trendlets I missed in this week’s list. See if you can spot any:



Ablaze My Sorrow | Among Ashes and Monoliths
Accept | Too Mean To Die
Acordeireta | Loitar Cantando
A/C Repair School | Órfãs
Adventus | Morir y Renacer
DJ Ædidias | L’Aquitaine EP
Aggrolites & The Slackers | Soundclash Series
Akademie Für Alte Musik Berlin / RIAS-Kammerchor / René Jacobs / Pastirchak / Harmsen / Davislim / Weisser | Missa solemnis
Alabama Slim | The Parlor
The Alchemist | Carry The Fire
Aldious | Evoke2 2010-2020
Alice in Chains | Facelift 30th Anniversary Edition
Alostmen | Kologo
Ama | Vs Everything EP
Amadeezy | Eastside G-Ride EP
Amalia & The Precious Lo’s | Sanctify
Franco Ambrosetti | Lost Within You
Amor | Amor/Lemur EP
Amparanoia | El Poder de Machín Reissue
And Now The Owls Are Smiling | Dirges
Angriff | Sodomy in the Convent
Annisokay | Aurora
Cole Anyway | Sitting With Stillness EP
Aonarach | 1
Tamar Aphek | All Bets Are Off
Art Of Illusion | X Marks The Spot
Daniel Avery | Lone Swordsman 12″
Albert Ayler | Love Cry Reissue
Albert Ayler | New Grass Reissue
Albert Ayler | Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe Reissue
Babehoven | Yellow Has A Pretty Good Reputation
Badmixday | Goya
Baio | Dead Hand Control
Balthazar | Sand
Beachwood Sparks | Beachwood Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition
Beatchild | Nostalgia Beats of 2008-2020
Begonia | The Fear Tour Live
Martina Bertoni | Music For Empty Flats
Besnard Lakes | The Besnard Lakes Are The Last Of The Great Thunderstorm Warnings
Bill Jr. Jr. | Homebody
Binker & Moses | Escape The Flames
Selwyn Birchwood | Living In A Burning House
Bisbâyé | Le Sens De Le Fin / The Sense Of An Ending
Black Honey | Written & Directed
Black Pistol Fire | Look Alive
Bleach Everything | Bound / Cured
Bobby | Lucky Man
The Body | I’ve Seen All I Need To See
Bolomite Jr. | Cold Feet
Bones | Burden
Adam Booker | Lucca Live
Matt Boroff | Beautiful Machine
David Bowie | David Bowie Limited-Edition Picture Disc Vinyl Reissue
Boys And Men | Boymen The Universe
Boys World | Wingman
The Brabant Ensemble / Stephen Rice | Motets & Mass Movements
Pony Bradshaw | Calico Jim
Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper | Glassforms Versions
Buke & Gase with So Percussion | A Record Of…
Byzantium | Halfway Dreaming: Anthology 1969-75
Celeste | Not Your Muse
Cellar Twins | Duality
Cement Tea | Rotten Inside
Cheap Meat | People Are The Worst
Chip | Snakes and Ladders
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah | New Fragility
Cloud Nothings | Turning On 10th Anniversary Edition
Coast2c | Vault EP
Cobalt Chapel | Orange Synthetic
J. Cole | The Offseason
Collapse Culture | Collapse Culture
Coma Girls | Skyboxer EP
Conduit | Only Human EP
Loren Connors & Oren Ambarchi | Leone
Ed Cosens | Fortunes Favour
Counterpunch | Handbook For The Recently Debriefed EP
Crazy Arm | Dark Hands, Thunderbolts
Cuir | Cuir
Dead Sea Apes, Adam Stone & Black Tempest | Dataland
Katie Dey | Urdata
The Dead South | Served Live
The Design Abstract | Technotheism
Duke Deuce | Duke Nukem
Ani DiFranco | Revolutionary Love
Divide And Dissolve | Gas Lit
Aish Divine | The Sex Issue
Dr. Dog | Live 2
Dotaki. | Heeling​.​Fazardous​.​16​.​8_
Nahawa Doumbia | Kanawa
Will Downing | The Song Garden EP
Dreamcatcher | Dystopia: Road to Utopia
Dreamslain | Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds
Dreamweapon | Rites Of Lunacy
Dust & The Dukes | Dust & The Dukes
Elaquent, BoomBaptist, & Juicy The Emissary | Komfort Food
DJ Emerson | Everything Is Shitting Away EP
Everyone Is Dirty | Eine Kleine Jukebox Baby
Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum | Šahrartu
Faerie | 2AM EP
Fancy | The Complete Recordings
Farhot | Kabul Fire Vol. 2
Sam Feldt & Kesha | Stronger
Alberto L. Ferro | Scarlatti / Chopin
Benjamin Finger | Exit du Départ
Michael and Peter Formanek | Dyads
Tom Furse | Ecstatic Meditations
Chris Garneau | The Kind
Gaspard | Vertiges
Goat Girl | On All Fours
Gold Record | Party Of The Century
Good Bison | Scattered Storms
Gordi | Two Skins Remixed EP
Felipe Gordon | Atlantic Exchanges Vol. 1 EP
Martin Gore | The Third Chimpanzee EP
Grasscut | Coprolite Tip Single
Grey Daze | Amends…Stripped
Tasos Halkias | Divine Reeds
Hån | Breathing the Void
Harakiri For The Sky | Mӕre
PJ Harvey | Is This Desire? Deluxe Edition
The Hawkins | Live In The Woods
Hell-Born | Natas Liah
Beth Henderson | Questions EP
Keaton Henson | Supernova Soundtrack
Ho Chi Minh | This Is Hell
Home Brewed Universe | Fear of an Obtuse Earth
Jake Hoot | Love Out of Time
Hyuna | I’m Not Cool
Lia Ices | Family Album
Alberto Iglesias | La Cordillera Banda Sonora Original
Illuvia | Iridescence Of Clouds
Indigo Sparke | Echo
Yoth Iria | As the Flame Withers
IU | Celebrity
Ethan Iverson / Umbria Jazz Orchestra | Bud Powell in the 21st Century
Ize | Ize Cream Man
Yvette Janine Jackson | Freedom
Marcus James & Ryyzn | Warning Sign EP
Tommy James & the Shondells | Celebration: The Complete Roulette Recordings 1966-1973
Yvette Janine Jackson | Freedom
Jasik | Forest of Spirit
Clarice Jensen | Ainu Mosir
Camélia Jordana | Facile x Fragile
Kan Kam | I Don’t Give A Damn! EP
Jack Kays | Mixed Emotions
King Baal | Conjurements
King Khan | Opiate Them Asses
King Bong | Sand ≈ Return
Sweatson Klank | Path of an Empath
Koralle | Fonografie
Kraak | The Riptoffer EP
Kriegsgott | H8 4All EP
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu | Gum Girl
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio | I Told You So
Land Systems & Mara | Akin
Langhorne Slim | Strawberry Mansion
Anna Larson | Cocoon EP
Lava La Rue | Butter-Fly EP
Buzzy Lee | Spoiled Love
Peggy Lee | Things Are Swingin’: Her Greatest Songs DVD
Lil Durk | The Voice Deluxe
Lionmilk | I Hope You Are Well
Little Hurt | Every Second EP
Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul | Macca To Mecca
Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul | Soulfire Live! Expanded Edition
Lnzndrf | II
Long Friend | Golden Age
Joe Lovano Trio Tapestry | Garden of Expression
Gary Lucas | The Essential Gary Lucas
Lucero | When You Found Me
Lumer | Disappearing Act EP
Lumerians | Fuzz Club Sessions
Jocelyn Mackenzie | Push
Colin Macleod | Hold Fast
Madlib | Sound Ancestors
Maestitium | Tale of the Endless EP
Shai Maestro | Human
The Magician | Magic Tape 100
Magon | Hour After Hour
The Mamas & The Papas | If You Can Believe Your Eyes Vinyl Reissue
Franc Mamba | Go Back EP
Clémentine March Le Continent
Mariza | Mariza Sings Amália
Bob Marley | Songs of Freedom: The Island Years
John Mayall | The First Generation 1965-1974 Box Set
Fergus McCreadie | Cairn
Meer | Playing House
Mefitis | Offscourings
Mihi Nihil | Falling Star
The Milk Carton Kids | Live From Lincoln Theatre Vinyl Reissue
Robert Miller | Summer of Love
Mind Power | Self Torture
Minotaur Shock | Qi
Nobuko Miyamoto | 120,000 Stories
Modern Hinterland | Diving Bell
The Mono LP’s | Shuffle/Play
Mordkaul | Dress Code: Blood
Moscoman | Time Slips Away: The Covers
Bronze Nazareth & Leaf Dog | Bundle Raps
Needlepoint | Walking Up That Valley
Julie Neff | Over It EP
Nina | The Beginning
Nightfall | Parade into Centuries Reissue
Nightfall | Macabre Sunsets Reissue
Nightfall | Athenian Echoes EP Reissue
Nightfall | Eons Aura EP Reissue
Nina | The Beginning
Ryo NIshikido | Note
Astari Nite | All Else Is A Curse
Nopes | Djörk
The Notwist | Vertigo Days
No Year | So Long
Of Mice & Men | Timeless EP
Oracle FM | Delta Paradise
James Osland | Almond Drive
Our New Orleans | Our New Orleans Expanded Edition
Fendi P | The Art Of Finessin 2
Pagination | For Why
The Paradox | Counter Active
William Parker | Migrations of Silence Into and Out of the Tone World Vol. 1-10
Arlo Parks | Collapsed in Sunbeams
Perticone | Underdog
Diego Pinera | Odd Wisdom
Ariel Pink | Odditties Sodomies Vol. 1
Ariel Pink | Odditties Sodomies Vol. 3
Ariel Pink | Sit n’ Spin
Ariel Pink | Scared Famous/FF>>
Dany Placard | Astronomie​ (Suite)
Portico Quartet / Hania Rani | Nest / With, Beside, Against
Portrayal of Guilt | We Are Always Alone
Post Death Soundtrack | Pathless Land EP
Pounder | Breaking The World
Powell | On The Feet Of A Wind
Prettymuch | Smackables
John Prine | Bruised Orange Vinyl Reissue
John Prine | Pink Cadillac Vinyl Reissue
John Prine | Storm Windows Vinyl Reissue
Puma Blue | In Praise of Shadows
Rigo Racks | Pimpin On The Web
Raise A Sulien | Mind of Prominence
Rats on Rafts | Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths
Remedy Drive | Imago Amor
Marcos Resende & Index | Marcos Resende & Index
Rew | Garden of Astral Blooms
Sebastian Reynolds | Nihilism Is Pointless EP
Rezet | Truth in Between
Robbie & Mona | EW
Porter Robinson | Look At The Sky
Rome | Parlez-Vouz Hate?
Lawrence Rothman | Good Morning, America + Not A Son
Russian Winter | All Bets Are Off
St. Germain | Tourist 20th Anniversary Version
Oliver St. Louis | M.O.T.H. (Matters Of The Heartless) EP
Evie Sands | Get Out Of Your Own Way
Sangam | Future on Hold
Albertine Sarges | The Sticky Fingers
Sataray / Zania Morgan | Argyropoeia Split EP
Anna B Savage | A Common Turn
Robin Schulz | IIII
Sebastian Reynolds | Nihilism Is Pointless EP
Seeb | Sad in Scandinavia (Part 2)
Shadow Child | Bak 2 Skool EP
Shaking Chains | Overvalued Ideas
Elliott Sharp | Filiseti Mekidesi
Caroline Shaw, Sō Percussion, Dawn Upshaw, and Gil Kalish | Narrow Sea
Archie Shepp | Fire Music Reissue
Archie Shepp | For Losers Reissue
Archie Shepp | On This Night Reissue
Archie Shepp | Kwanza Reissue
Archie Shepp | The Way Ahead Reissue
Archie Shepp | Things Have Got to Change Reissue
Archie Shepp | Mama Too Tight Reissue
Archie Shepp | Live in San Francisco Reissue
ShiftinGears | Rich Arithmetic
Silkie | Panorama
Simbad | Peaceful Revolution EP
Skam | Sound Of A Disease
Sleazebag & Peine Kapital | Split EP
Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra | Bernstein Reimagined
Soen | Imperial
The Sonder Bombs | Clothbound
Sonic Flower | Rides Again
Souls Of Diotima | Janas
Spam Javelin | The Three Chords Of The Apocalypse
Splendidula | Somnus
Starcrazy | Played for Suckers
Stargazer | Psychic Secretions
Still Corners | The Last Exit
The Straddlerz | The Straddlerz
DJ Swagger x DJ Ædidias | Speed Limit EP
Nick Swan | The Bottom EP
Sweatson Klank | Path of an Empath
Syrinx Call | Mirrorneuron
Taco Tapes | Penny Down The Drain
Terry Gross | Soft Opening EP
Thme | Silesco
Thollem’s Astral Traveling Sessions | Thollem / John Dieterich EP
Thollem’s Astral Traveling Sessions | Thollem / Valsamis / Greenhill / Kim EP
3 Pairs of Boots | Long Rider
Aleyna Tilki | Nehir
Toledo | Jockeys Of Love EP
Jenna Torres | All Heart
Tragedian | Seven Dimensions
Trial | Sisters of the Moon
Tribulation | Where the Gloom Becomes Sound
Trillionaire | Romulus
Trippie Redd | Pegasus Deluxe: Neon Shark
Tony Trischka | Shall We Hope
TroyBoi | V!bez Vol. 4 EP
UJU | Dream Of Better Days
The Underflow | Instant Opaque Evening
Unrivaled | Quarter-Life Crisis
Vanilla | Pointbreak
VanJess | Homegrown EP
Various Artists | Birth of Soul: Los Angeles Special
Various Artists | Ena Tefariki: Oriental Shake, Farfisa Madness & Rocking Bouzoukis From the Greek Laiká Movement (1961-1973)
Various Artists | For the Good Times: The Songs of Kris Kristofferson
Various Artists | Get Your Genki: Compilation Vol. 7
Various Artists | Golden Age: 25 Years of Signature Sounds
Various Artists | Indaba Is
Various Artists | Lost Innocence: Garpax 1960s Punk & Psych
Various Artists | NOW That’s What I Call Music! 77
The Vaughns | Rom-Com s & Take-Out EP
Videoclub | Euphories
Vis-A-Vis | Obi Agye Me Dofo Reissue
Richard Von Der Schulenberg | Moods & Dances 2021
Von Hayes | Wa La!
Waltzer | Time Traveler
Warzaw | Werewolves on Wheels
Wassailer | I, The Bastard
Waxflight | Flowers
Weezer | OK Human
Werewolves | What A Time To Be Alive
Richard Whaling | Entropy
Wilson | Thank You, Goodnight. Live
Steven Wilson | The Future Bites
Lana Winterhalt | Still
Wonderly | Story We Tell Volume 1
Wowod | Yarost I Proshchenie
Yeahman | Ostriconi
The Young Hearts | The Modern State
Zarif | Square One EP
Zeahorse | Let’s Not (And Say We Did)