Groover Playlist 1 | First Things First

I'm trying out Groover, a platform that connects artists to critics and bloggers.


Recently, I heard about Groover, a site that connects artists with critics and bloggers like me for a small fee. It sounded OK, so I thought I’d give it a try and see how it goes. Assuming I like it, I’ll be posting a Spotify playlist of new submissions every day or two. You can find the list in the right-hand column of every page on this site. Since some artists also submit Soundcloud and YouTube links, I’ll also try to include those in a separate post like this one. If you want to submit a track, go to Groover and search for me. I think this link might also work. Here’s my first effort. For some reason, I got a lot of Francophone tracks. Nothing wrong with that; just sayin’. Anyway, here goes. Enjoy.

Metò | Not Mine

Paul Barreyre | Paradis d’ici Bas

Achile | Freestyle 01

Comett | The End of The World

Fade | Cinderella’s Fancy Eyes

Sloww | Rise and Fall

Naturo | Blessing Me