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Now Hear This: Gong Wah | Gong Wah

’90s alt-rock, ’80s synth-pop, ’70s glam-rock — these Germans deliver it all.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In the beginning of 2018 singer Inga Nelke, alongside guitarists Thorsten Dohle & Felix Will, meet at a dark cave in Cologne, Germany. Impressed by the cave’s reverb, accompanied by a drum machine, they rather accidentally create a sound that sits somewhere between shoegaze, psychedelic and krautrock, while breathing the DIY spirit of a punk new wave era. They turn on, tune in and drop out. Starting to write songs, rehearsing every minute of spare time, they call themselves Gong Wah and their sound fuzzwave.

The rare performances of the first incarnation of Gong Wah, held among Cologne’s art scene, highlight Inga’s spherical voice and the screaming guitars of Thorsten & Felix — all drenched in a sea of effects while drums and bass are played off a battered ’80s tape-deck drilling peoples earholes to the ground as they eagerly want more and more.

During a performance at the end of 2018, the machine enters a pact with Satan, heads south and eats the tape with all the backing tracks. Fortunately, bass player Giso Simon and drumming multi-instrumentalist Nima Davari are in attendance of said gig. One thing leads to another and boom, Gong Wah become a five piece. With the new lineup, Gong Wah starts recording their debut in the summer of 2019 at the band’s recording studio, finishing the record in a few months. Their self-titled album is out now.”